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My Cold Revenge – Episode 11

You’ll do that at Johnny’s house…. Hmm Ok…. Just be at the broken fence area by that time….. OK thanks…. Hahahaha…. I know this is sure going to hurt that dude like crazy…. He has to pay for what he caused me…. For the embarrassment…. Wetin pain me pass nah be say I nor even dey conscious …he treated me like some girl… And allowed that witch of a girl to rape me…

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Yes nah that’s rape cause it was done without my will now… Thereby depriving me the pleasure of a first sex experience… Johnny real dad…. Now it’s pay back time.. I’m gonna do the exact same thing he did to me to his girlfriend so he’ll feel what I felt…

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After taking my bath, I went to the dinning and ate my dinner… Mum was in the living room watching TV… I went to my room, took a bible.. With some money in my pockets and told mum I was going for a night vigil… By This time? Why don’t you wait till at least 8 or 9:pm ….no mum I’d be doing some rehearsals before the the start of the alnight…. Hmm… OK take care…. Yes mum… I first got to the pharmacy and got a co*****m , my video camera was In my pocket… Yes I’m fully set for tonight….. I took a taxi and headed to the school….. She was already there waiting for me… So we just entered into another taxi and zoomed off….

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