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My Cold Revenge – [Episode 1 – 24]

My Cold Revenge

My Cold Revenge

The cool morning breeze blew up the curtains of my window…

I must have left it open last night in
the course of studying….. I stretched
in my bed…. Our math
teacher is a very stern
man who doesn’t
tolerates any form of
laziness from his
students…. We’ll be
having math test by
Monday… As usual I
wanna emerge with
good grades…. I am not
the lazy type though… I
am the best math
student in my class….

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And also the best
science student and the
class captain…. Last
year I was awarded the
Most disciplined student
of St Michael’s boarding
and day school… I never
knew of that until last

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Ss3 is the most
competitive class in the
school…. I’m a day
student though as I
don’t like the boarding
system it doesn’t
appeal to me…..

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Being the only child in
the midst of three girls
and the last child of my
parents…. I was
pampered most
especially by my mum
……my dad was an off
shore worker and barely
has time for anyone in
the family…. As he
spends most of his
time at work… I was
loved by everyone
around me… Maybe
cause of my intelligence
and sense of humor….

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I’m a cool guy that
spends almost all my
time studying….. I also
party once in a while….
Oops… I haven’t
mentioned my name
yet….. The name is
mart.. You’ll get to know
me better in the course
of this story….

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