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My Class Teacher – Episode 6

Elvis: what condition?

Anita: swear that you won’t tell anyone about what you heard the other day even if i provoke you in any way?

Elvis: but i told you….

Anita: swear..

Elvis: okay i swear i won’t tell anyone about it.

Anita: good, you have an account?

Elvis: bank account?

Anita: yeah.

Elvis: yes i do.

Anita: alright, write down your account number, I’ll send the money.

Elvis: now?

Anita: yeah.

Elvis: thanks a lot.

Anita: welcome. (She gave him a pen and a book, and he wrote it down before living the office.)

When he got home that day, he noticed that he got a bank alert, he felt so happy and told his Mum about it.

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Margaret: she just gave you the money like that?

Elvis: yes!

Cynthia: we won’t pay back!

Elvis: yeah we won’t.

Cynthia: Elvis you don’t expect me to believe this.

Elvis: do you want to ask her then?

Margaret: it’s okay.

Elvis: Mum am hungry.

Margaret: Cynthia go and give him something to eat.

Cynthia: yes ma.(she stood up from the bed, and went into the kitchen with him)

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Two weeks after he got the money, he had gone to Anita’s office to pass the assignment she gave them but she wasn’t in school, he wondered what might have happened, so he decided to check on her after school.

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When he got home that day, he changed into another cloth and went over to their place, he knocked at the door several times but noone answered, he had wanted to try pushing the door when the door opened, he quietly went in and locked the door, he passed through a room and heard someone sobbing, he knocked at the door and the door opened and he went in and met Anita on her bed crying, he was surprised and went close and asked her..

Elvis: what’s wrong?

Anita: how did you get in? (Sobbs)

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Elvis: the door wasn’t locked..

Anita: oh i forgot to lock it.

Elvis: why are you crying?

Anita: it’s nothing.

Elvis: don’t tell me that, alright since we’re at home, I’ll be calling you by your name, cause you’re just 4 years older than me, so Anita what’s wrong?

Anita: am not your mate.

Elvis: spare me that, my sis is 22 too.

Anita: really?(sobbs)

Elvis: yeah so tell me.

Anita: Tony wants to ruin me.

Elvis: who is Tony?

Anita: the chemistry teacher.

Elvis: what?! And how?…….

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