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My Class Teacher – Episode 3

Elvis: I’ll be going home early today.

George: why?

Elvis: am feeling sick.

George: okay then.

Elvis: yeah.

George: when are you living?

Elvis: by 12.

George: okay.

When he got home that day, he saw some people packing into the next door,he greeted them and went into their place and saw his Mum and big sis in the kitchen.

Cynthia: what happened?

Elvis: nothing.

Cynthia: why did you come back early then?

Elvis: i feel sick.

Margaret: didn’t i tell you to stay at home today?

Elvis: Mum i don’t want to argue with you over that this afternoon, i want to rest.

Margaret: make sure you take your drugs!

Elvis: i Will! (Went in)

Cynthia: this your son and sickness sef, he needs serious prayers o.

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Margaret: start praying for him nah, is he not your little brother?

Cynthia: don’t worry, I’ll get prayer warriors for him.

Margaret: so you cannot pray?

Cynthia: Mum you know nah.

Margaret: i don’t know o…

Cynthia: we have new neighbors, hope you know?

Margaret: yes i know.

Cynthia: I’ve seen the parents sha.

Margaret: oya check that food you’re cooking!

Cynthia: yes ma.

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Elvis lay down on his bed after changing his cloth, he tried to sleep but couldn’t, so he lay there and waited for there school to dismiss so that he can go to George’s house, while waiting, he slept off and later woke up by 5:30pm, he stood up from the bed and went to his sister’s room and saw her busy chatting with her phone, he left the room, washed his face and left the house, immediately he opened the door, he saw Anita knocking on the next door, he thought that maybe she knows the new neighbors, so he said to her.

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Elvis: i don’t think they are around, why not come back later?

Anita: uhm, this is my new place, my parents came in today.

Elvis:(surprised) oh so you’re the new neighbor?

Anita: yeah.

Elvis: okay then welcome.(wanted to live)

Anita: you live here?

Elvis: yes.

Anita: can we see later then?

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Elvis: why?

Anita: i have something we need to talk about.

Elvis: if it’s about what happened in school today, i told you that it’s none of my business, so don’t bother yourself.

Anita: you won’t tell anyone?

Elvis: don’t think i wont cause if you provoke me, i will.

Anita: i promise not to do anything to provoke you, i don’t want my parents to know either.

Elvis: how old are you?

Anita: am 22 ,can i know your own age too?

Elvis: am 18.

Anita: okay.

Elvis: bye then (he left while Anita kept knocking)…..

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