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My Class Teacher – Episode 2

After school that day, Elvis was going home with George and lizzy, just then Lizzy said.

Lizzy: that our new teacher sha.

Elvis: what happened?

Lizzy: she’s too young to be teaching us nah, if i come with her now, people will be thinking that she’s just two Years older than me, she looks like our classmate sef.

George: and she’s beautiful, i wish she was our classmate then i would have..

Lizzy: ashawo! You would have what?

George: how is it your business?

Lizzy: thank God she’s our teacher.

Elvis: she might agree to date him even if he’s a student, haven’t you seen students dating their teachers?

Lizzy: i don’t think this one will agree.

Elvis: that’s her business, change the topic biko.(then changed the topic and discussed while going home)

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Two weeks after Anita started teaching in the school, she started being friendly with the students, but not with Elvis cause he was never interested in becoming close to teachers, one day they finished the classwork given to them by Anita and as the class prefect, Elvis was supposed to take it to her, when he got there, he found out that noone was there, so he decided to wait for her, he had opened the door when he heard her voice in the chemistry lab, he moved close to the door and heard another voice, he found out that it was the chemistry teacher, he stood there and listened to their conversation, after they were done talking, the man left through the back door while Anita came out through the main door and was shocked when she saw Elvis standing there, she asked him.

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Anita: what are you doing here?

Elvis: i came to pass our classwork.

Anita: you should have just dropped it and live?

Elvis: well the school rules says that if the teacher isn’t around, then wait for her.

Anita: then you should have just waited in the biology laboratory!

Elvis: why are you shouting or you’re just afraid cause i heard your conversation?

Anita: i don’t care if you heard it, it’s none of your business.

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Elvis: well you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anita: why?

Elvis: for doing that in school, and hope you know that if i report you, you’ll be fired.

Anita: what?

Elvis: yes, anyway I’ve dropped the books in your office, i only wanted to give you the answer you needed.(he had wanted to live when she said)

Anita: you don’t even know why am doing it, don’t just judge people based on what you see.

Elvis: whatever!(walks out,)(Anita didn’t know what to do, she just stood there and watched him live)

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