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My Class Teacher – Episode 17

Cynthia had called Anita that day and told her everything that happened and she rushed to the hospital and since then, they had been running up and down the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out, 1hour later, the doctor came out and Cynthia asked him.

Cynthia: how is my brother?

Doctor: actually he lost a lot of blood.

Cynthia: so what happened?

Doctor: he might survive.

Anita: oh my God, you scared me, so he needs blood right?

Doctor: exactly, so can any of you donate?

Cynthia: am his sister, so i can right?

Doctor: yes, can you do it now?

Cynthia: yes i can.

Doctor: follow me then.

Cynthia: okay.

Anita: take care.(she left with the doctor to check if her blood matches with his own and it did, so they proceeded with the transferring of blood.)

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Two days later, elvis Still didn’t wake up, the doctor had told them that he was in coma, a month passed and he still didn’t wake up, Anita, Cynthia and his mother always stayed by his side, maybe he would wake up or maybe he won’t, they prayed for him, but he was there till it was time for their WAEC registration, everyone thought that he would never wake up again but Anita never lost hope, she prayed that he wakes, same with his mother and sister.

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One day Anita had gone to check on him but it turned out that he wasn’t awake, she sat down beside him and said.

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Anita: why can’t you just wake up? Please just wake up already, it’s been months, please Baby am begging you, even if its not for me, just do it for your mother and sister, they still need you, i also need you here, and you also have to take your exams please. (She bent her head and was crying when she felt someone touch her hand, she raised her head and looked at him, he was finally awake, she rushed out and called the doctor, and he came in and examined him and told her that he was fine now but needs to stay in the hospital for two days, after he left she called Cynthia and then sat down beside him.

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Anita: you’re finally awake, am so happy.

Elvis: have you been crying?

Anita: were you expecting me to laugh?

Elvis: maybe? (Smiles)

Anita: you’ve even grown bears while sleeping. (Laughs)

Elvis: how long has it been?

Anita: like 6 or 8 months .

Elvis: really?

Anita: yes nah.(Cynthia walks in immediately)

Cynthia: my little bro is awake.

Elvis: where is mother?

Cynthia: she has gone to the market?

Elvis: okay.

Anita: let me get you something to eat, I’ll be back.(she left them)..

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