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My Class Teacher – Episode 15

Elvis: Tony took my sis.

Anita: oh my God!

Elvis: he said that i should come back with you, he wants to take those pictures again.

Anita: why is he doing this to me? Why does he hate me so much?(sits down on the bed).

Elvis: (sits beside her) you don’t need to go.

Anita: then how do we get your sis back?

Elvis: I’ll think of something. (Pulls off his school shirt and cleans his face with it and then picked another cloth from the wardrobe and wore it and sat down beside her again, all this while Anita was just crying)

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Elvis: come on stop it.

Anita: i can’t, i just can’t (sobs)

Elvis: you have to alright, I’ll do something about it, my sister will come back home.

Anita: are you sure?

Elvis: yeah am sure, so stop crying please.

Anita: okay(sobs)

Elvis: good.

Anita: but if i really have to go to him and give the pictures to him, will you still….

Elvis: you’re acting like the kid now, still what?

Anita:(chuckles) still love me?

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Elvis: (laughs) nothing can ever change how i feel for you, i love you and won’t stop loving you.

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Anita: thanks.

Elvis: but do you?…never mind.(she looked at him and he looks away, she stood up from the bed, stood between his legs and touched his face and said)

Anita: you’re so cute.

Elvis: (smiles) thanks.

Anita: i love you too but i don’t want to get into a fight with any little girl cause of you, it should be only me alright.

Elvis: no problem, only you.

Anita: thanks. (She gives him a slight kiss on the lips and he kissed back, after some seconds, he brought his hands to her waist and slightly dragged her close to his body and slowly lay down on the bed as she lay on his body and then the removal of cloths followed as she simply let him into her??..

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Later that day, Elvis called George and told him to help him out, George who was known as a street brought up knew many people And can easily get enough guys that can help him out, he called his friends and they decided to go the next day with the plans….

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