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My Class Teacher – Episode 13

Elvis: hey what’s wrong?

Anita: who told them?

Elvis: who told what?

Anita: that we’re dating?

Elvis: oh! That, i don’t know.

Anita: do you think it’s Tony? Cause he said that he’ll deal with you.

Elvis: he said that he’ll deal with me not us! So it can’t be him.

Anita: then who?!

Elvis: don’t worry about that, i know who it is.

Anita: tell me!

Elvis: you don’t need to know.

Anita: is it Lizzy?

Elvis: huh?

Anita: it’s that b—h right? If she wants you then let her go ahead and own you, its none of my business! In fact where does she live?(comes down from the bed)

Elvis: why are you asking and where are you going to?

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Anita: can’t you take me to her place first!?

Elvis: she’s still in school! And besides are you going to fight her!?

Anita: am just going to warn her alright!

Elvis: why? Anyway what will happen if i date you? Can’t i?

Or am not allowed to?

Anita: what are you talking about?

Elvis: just answer me!

Anita: no i won’t until you explain what you mean!

Elvis: i love……… You.

Anita: and what is that supposed to mean?

Elvis: am i supposed to explain again!?

Anita: do you even realize that am older than you?

Elvis: i know.

Anita: and you love me?

Elvis: yes.

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Anita: i don’t want to hear that again please!

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Elvis: why?

Anita: cause that can’t happen between us!

Elvis: why? Cause you’re older or something?

Anita: yes! You’re just 18! And am 22 for God’s sake what will people think?

Elvis: who will tell them?

Anita: Lizzy! And maybe Tony.

Elvis: they don’t need to know!

Anita: Elvis we can’t date and that’s it.

Elvis: really?

Anita: yes.

Elvis: okay then, I’ve heard you, I’ll clear the misunderstanding in school, am going home now.

Anita: bye then.(he picked his bag and left the house)

The next day, Elvis went to the headmistress and told her about the rumors, that it was all a lie, and it took some explanation before she believed him and later called Anita and talked to her, Elvis was going back to his class when Anita called him and he ignored her and passed. Later that day after school, Elvis came out of the school gate and met some guys outside and they called him and he went to them and asked.

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Elvis: what is it and who are you guys?

Guy: your sister said that i should call you.

Elvis: my sister!?

Guy: yeah you can call her on phone and ask.

Elvis: okay( he called her and she sounded like a sick person and someone that was crying) where is she?

Guy: follow us.

Elvis: okay.(he left with them)……

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