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My Class Crush – Season 1 – Episode 7 [Completed]

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The next day during our break time, I stayed back in de class going through my notes, along the line, I over heard Diana telling her friends that am so cheap that she saw me kiss Kelly at the staircase yesterday after the ORIENTATION DAY.I tried to confront them but on a second thought I decided not to do so since she wasn’t saying that to my face.she continued saying all such of trash about me to her friends until I couldn’t bear it anylonger as Diana crossed the line by calling me a slut right in front of me…..
I rather become a slut than being the one chasing after boys dat doesn’t love me…I blurted out.I told her to stay away from me nor anything that has do with me, I was still talking until Kelly walked into the class only to find out that I was exchanging words with Diana,he immediately held my hand and took me out from the class, he then asked me what was going on ND I explained everything to him. He kissed me on the forehead and asked me to always ignore Diana’s stupid behavior which I accepted , he brightened my face up ND kissed my lips for the second time.
I was really embarrassed when Kelly took Lizzy outta the class, I felt that she has won over me but I later summoned courage ND went back to my sit. I was really hurt but my friends asked me to forget about Kelly’s affair with Lizzy ND move on since they are destined 2 b 2geda which I accepted.
When Lizzy was BK 2 de class, I went to her ND apologized to her for my Ill attitude towards her ND she forgave me without hesitation.
After one month of being friends with Lizzy, I asked her to be my girlfriend ND she gladly accepted, I was very happy ND excited, I kissed her passionately for the third time and whispered I LOVE YOU to her ND she replied I LOVE YOU TOO ❤️…..
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