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My Class Crush – Season 1 – Episode 5

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As I trekked down home, I couldn’t remove the thought of Lizzy from my mind, I kept on thinking about her, the way she dresses neatly to school, the way she talks ND many other fascinating things about her but my fear was that I don’t really no if she will let me talk 2 her again cause I know Diana & her friends might have threatened her to stay away from me ND I think dat was y her was moody.I no Diana really love me ND can do anything humanly possible to get me but the fact still remains that I don’t luv her ND her friends.
I was really getting scared now cux I no Diana ND her friends are ready for war against me ND dat kept me wondering if I am to approach Kelly and ask him to stay far away from me to avoid the fury of Diana ND her friends or to also get ready for the war cause av already fallen in love with Kelly.I decided not to let that bother me until I figure out what to do next.I went home and got my self ready for the*ORIENTATION DAY*which was going to take place tommorow so I washed my uniform and ironed it, I also made a new hair style so as to look charming on stage cause all the new student will be called upon.I went to sch very early the next day but to my dismay, Kelly was in school before me, I was a bit shy cause it was just the two of us in the class,I pretended not to see him and made way to my locker but he held me and was starring right into my eyes without saying a word, we were like this for close to 30 seconds until I broke the silent. I asked him why he was looking into my eyes.
Kelly…Am adimiring ur beauty, your sparkling eyes, your pink lips, your pointed nose, infact, am admiring virtually everything about you. Lizzy yah yah really beautiful, I can’t just take my eyes off u right from the very first day u came to this school.
I was loving him the more as he said all that to me, I was really enjoying the atmosphere until Diana and her friends came in thereby disrupting our cool moment.
Diana’s pov
I was really enraged with anger as I saw them, I couldn’t just control Kelly, this is how u gon pay me after doing everything for u to notice me but all was to no avail, Kelly see, I love you Soo much, I don’t think I can love any other person the way I love you.
And u Lizzy or whatever you call ur self, just get ready for me cause if I don’t have him, no one else will have him.
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