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My Class Crush – Season 1 – Episode 3

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Diana and her group continued with their gossip while Lizzy was perturbed as she was trying to figure out if she had come in contact with any Kelly before, she was still thinking before their teacher came in, thereby making her come back to reality.
After some hours of learning, the bell went for break, students were trooping out from their classroom and then heading towards the canteen or to the school’s field.
Lizzy didn’t bother going to the canteen cause she brought some snacks to school, she was about consuming her snacks but was disrupted as Kelly walked up to her and sat down on a chair beside her.
Kelly: Hello!
Lizzy: Hello!
Kelly: Am Kelly Greg….
Lizzy was taken aback at Kelly’s mentioning of his name as she flashed back to the incident that took place earlier.
Lizzy: You mean, you are , you are ke l ly *she stammered*
Kelly: why are ur voice trembling? Don’t u like the name ?
Lizzy: oh! Pls pardon my manners, Am Lizzy Wilson.
Kelly: what a nice name you gaht there.
Lizzy: Aww!! I do appreciate.
Kelly: you’re welcome.
As Kelly was about saying another word, the bell went again indicating that they are no longer on break period so he left her to his own sit position hoping to chat with her some other time. Diana and her group were at the back watching them angrily as they were gnashing their teeth in disdain.
Diana’s pov
What an insolence! This girl has really bitten more than she can chew, I mean, what effrontery does she has to take away Kelly from us? She asked rhetorically. See girls, we must do something about this mess cause this girl is really getting on my nerves, she yelled angrily at her friends who were calming her down.
Amanda’s pov
Babes, I support Diana, we can’t just sit back and watch that little brat grab what rightfully belongs to us, she’s just a newly transferred student and Kelly has noticed her immediately whereas he hasn’t noticed any of us that has been here with him for close to five years now.

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