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My Class Crush – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 7]

My Class Crush

My Class Crush

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Wow!! This girl must be a genius, I mean how can she possibly release the answer to this difficult question that I can’t even deal with? Kelly said to himself as Lizzy the newly transferred student provided an answer to the question on the chalk board.
Immediately it was break time, Kelly stayed back in the class so as to take a good look at the new girl. Lizzy observed that Kelly was starring at her so she decided to go to the canteen to avoid having an eye contact with him.
Lizzy is an eighteen years old girl, about the same age with Kelly, she is such a beautiful girl with a round face beautified with a sparkling white eyes ND a pointed nose coupled with her small pink lips that would make you take a second look at her, Her fair skin alone would make you crush on her. She has this captivating figure 8 that always make her look extra ordinary on her uniform.
As the bell rang indicating that the break has come to an end, Lizzy quietly returned to her seat but Kelly couldn’t help get his eyes off her.
Kelly is a cute guy, his skin complexion is really amazing, he has a nice dentition that would make you fall when ever he smiles 😏 cause if he smile, his gap tooth would be exposed making him to look more handsome, he’s really the center of attraction in his class as all girls are dying to have him but he ends up snubbing them.
Lizzy’s pov
my jingles!! Why is this guy still gazing at me? Has he met me before? She was a bit uncomfortable with the way Kelly was starring at her but she just kept mute.
Kelly’s pov
This girl is really beautiful with her nice figure ND alluring smile. Am i really crushing on her or what? He was still talking to himself but was cut short by the entrance of their maths teacher as everybody stood up to greet him.
When the school activities came to an end for the day, Lizzy walked down home alone cause she’s yet to make friends…..
Kelly rushed to his friends*Bruno,smart,maxy ND Collins* He told them about his crush on the new girl Lizzy but he told them that he ain’t gon let her know about his feelings for her yet ND they supported him.

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