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My Celebrity Girlfriend – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4
Before i knew it, i was surrounded by huge guys.
“I talked to stephanie”

Me: hahahaha i talked to stephanie.
I just stood there smiling at them with only one thought, stephanie!

Girl: hey ooo heyoo, mad man, foolish man, blind ma….

Me: *smiling and shining my 32*

Girl: *holding me by the waist and shaking me vigorously* today you go pay you this good for nothing blind idiot.

Me: *still smiling, no idiot shall spoil my day* how much be the egg.
I said retaining the wide grin.

Girl: mtcheeew * by now the guys don over charge, maybe them they wait for me to pay first before the go descend on me* my money na one thousand five hundred.

I just jejely put my hand inside my pocket, remove my wallet. I still they smile. As i open the wallet, two cockroach first jump.

Me: i dey come first.
I said with a smile as i killed the cockroach. I looked inside the wallet and saw one hundred naira note and two tear tear ten naira notes.

Since i no get money to pay make i call Samuel, i thought with a smile. Some passers by thought i was mad but they never knew what just happened today in ALHAJI FAROUK PRODUCTION LTD.

I checked my account balance and saw minus three hundred naira. Those useless network no go gree burrow me again.

Me: *still smiling* can i use your phone please?

I no know wetin she they think. Maybe she think say i rich well well. She just carry the phone give me as i dial Samuel number.

Thug 1: you sure say this guy never mad?

Thug2: see as how him dey shine teeth like someone wey dey advertise close up!!

Thug 3: capon make we just waste am now?

Boss: cool down make we watch this drama first!

Me: hello

Samuel: who be this?

Me: *smiling and sounding happy* ur first pikin.

Samuel: idris why you dey call me with another person number?

Me: because i won tell you something.

Samuel: wetin.

Me: stephanie talk to me.. Jesus, she talked to me. She fine die eeh.

Samuel: swear?

Me: i swear to God… See bobby, see ynash, see leg. That babe get levels men.

Samuel:eh eh, so you dey happy ba?

Me: you dey mad, see mumu question, i dey happy like say tomorrow no dey.

Samuel: na how many car she carry come.

Me: just one BMW and another one wey bodyguards…..

Girl: madman, my money ooo.

Me: eh eh, hahahaha. Samuel i dey inside trouble oo.. You go fit come dat street wey near ALHAJI FAROUK PRODUCTION LTD.

Samuel: see mumu, who you won catch April fool?

Me: *laughing seriously* hahahahaha, i swear to God, i dey inside trouble.

Samuel: and the trouble dey make you jubilate?

Me: *chaii na me that celebrity talk to.. I continued smiling sounding happy* abeg come na. Hahahaha.

Samuel: abeg idris i no get your time. My babe don come bye bye.

Chaii the line don cut and na only Samuel fit save me.. I no even send, i just they smile.

Me: *smiling* Money no dey for na but follow me go….

capon don slap me and my brain format. The girl just shift go sitdown dey watch.

For thirty minutes i dey blind because i dey receive random slaps from all direction but the funniest thing be say i dey laugh.

Before i know, the park me and i fall for ground but still i dey smile.

Thug 2: iyeee, so you mean say this beatings no dey enter am.

Thug 1: see as him dey laugh

Thug 3: make we give am VIP treatment.

Before i know wetin they happen, thug 3 go carry bottles. He give one to each guy.


Them scatter the bottle for my head but with stephanie for my mind, na odeshi i still they smile.

Capon: shoooo, this guy really chop oo.. Tiger.

Thug 1: sir

capon: go bring me tyres.

Thug 1: yes boss.

Capon: scorpion

Thug 2: sir

capon: bring me fuel and petrol.

Me: iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee immediately my odeshi disappear. Stephanie disappear from my mind. My smile turn to cry and i come dey feel pain for my head as the boys they bring the requirements.

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