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My Campus Life – S01 E40

❀ Derek❀
“Oooh,what a wonderful day”

“A wonderful day you say?Mbok’s voice came trailed from the opposite.
“With the weather being all hot like everyone’s gonna melt into one shimmering butter.Are you really sure you’re one of us?”he teased as they both began laughing.

“Okay…What makes it so wonderful then?Don’t tell me your wife came home and you didn’t bother telling me?”he continued feigning anger.Mbok was of a much higher class.Most people preferred the name Stan as his last name was quite a mouthful for them.He was Derek’s business partner and a fine young man as at that.He was a black,a half cast to say as his father was an African,a Zimbabwean to be exact and his mother….well,not quite sure but many did say she came from some part of Chicago but no one really knew for sure as his private life was always kept on a low key.So,only few could tell.

“You know I can’t do that man.What makes you think she’ll come back when she’s finally got them kids with her”he scoffed a little.

“Oh my!She finally got to know”

“Oh,I didn’t tell you?It’s a good thing Phil didn’t know that I was actually the one behind it all”he chuckled sinisterly.

“Dude,you gotta be really careful”he advised lowering his voice.

“You know I always am man.And besides,it doesn’t matter anyway.No one will ever get to know,why unless,you go telling her.You’re the only one that knows my secret”

“Oh,you know I won’t do that bro.I got your back always”

“Ha!I trust you”

“So what’s it gonna be?You’re gonna give up nlw?”

“Never”he yelled panting.

“Whoa!You really need to get that temper of yours under control”

“Haha!You know I didn’t mean that but you know Tricia’s mine afterall.Not like I’m gonna force her into coming back or anything”he scoffed biting his lower lip.

“Hmm,are you really sure you’re the one saying this?”he asked feeling bewildered.

“Of course it’s your best friend talking.What do you expect me to say?”

“Haha!I know you man.You don’t just give up easily even if someone hangs a rope around your neck”

“Oh,the flattering”he laughed picking up a gum from the side of his desk as he showed it to him.
“You want it?”

“Nah.Not until you tell me what you’ve got in mind.I know you have something.Spill it”

“All right…all right!You got me.I do have a plan though”he chuckled leaning closer as he tossed the bubble gum at him.
“Three days ago,I met up with Phil…”

“Whoooo!I bet you two got the house messy after that”he teased ripping the wrappers open recklessly as he threw it on him.

“Ha!And why will it be when my plans would get ruined when that happens?But anyway,we just had some brotherly chitchats,but you know me,I always have my way of doing things”he chuckled throwing a wink at him.

“D–n!I should have guessed it”

“Oh,you should have.You said it yourself,I don’t give up easily,so why should I when everything’s perfectly falling into place”

“Oh,I do hope so.You’re one crafty sire I must say”

“Ha,oh,I know man…I know”he grinned with pride.

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“But hang on,what’s the plan first of all?Hope it beats the other ones you’ve been making ever since?”

“Oh,it sure does.Trust me!That guy wouldn’t know what hit him”

“Whooo!I’m so sca…..ared”

“Heh!It’s really gonna freak ’em out.Well,of course.I can’t believe I actually fooled him into believing that I was sorry for everything”he snorted laughing really hard till his sides aches.

“He actually believed?”

“Oh,I did get him there.You should have been there.I guess he isn’t as smart as he made us believe”

“I just hope nothing goes wrong this time”he said ruminating on what his friend had just said.
“But c’mon man,you really have to take it easy on him.He’s still your brother,you know?And how are you sure you’re gonna be able to push through with this devious plan of yours?Remember blood is thicker than water”

“Oh,nothing can change mind now.I’ve waited a really long time for this.Hahaha!I can’t believe they actually thought they were going to fool me into believing every stupid lies that ever came out from their mouth.But come to think of it,I’m actually going to use it to my advantage cause that’ll make me to get even closer to Trish and to the family at large.Not like they’re my real family anyway.I know no one”

“Ooh man!Take a deep breath.Breathe”he motioned with his hands.
“I still don’t know why you’re so furious with the Mac-Kennys.It’s not like they did something bad to you and besides,their blood runs in your veins and there’s nothing you can do to ever change that…”

“Their blood?Oh,their blood?Well,where were they when I was suffering out on the streets,begging for alms and relying on anything I could lay my hands on?Where were they,huh?Oh,you’ve got no idea how much I hate them”

“Oh,I see.So this is where your anger is coming from.You feel they abandoned you all these years and that made you become like this?Wow!And here I thought it’s got something to do with Trish.It isn’t about her,is it?”

“She also brought about this feud and all I want is for you to support me.Besides,there’s no going back now and I don’t see myself ever finding redemption”

“Oh,don’t say that D.They didn’t even know you were alive.So I wouldn’t blame them and besides,everyone finds redemption”

“You think?Anyway,I don’t believe in any of that shit and it doesn’t really matter.My mind’s already made up.It’s left for you to join forces with me”he paused raising his brows at him.
“So you in or you’re out?”

“You know I’ll always stand by you no matter what,but this…I don’t know man.This isn’t right”he panted,getting up.

“What’s not right?C’mon,you’ve been my best friend these past few years and I know you won’t let go now”

“Oh!”he breathed,thinking really hard.
“I’ll have to think about it first”

“Well,if you say so but right you’ve got only one week.You know where to find me”

“Yeah.See you later man”

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

“Son,oh,you’re here”Grandma Hennia said happily,hugging Phil.

“Thank you grandma.Are the kids back yet?”

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“Oh,no dear.Trish went to pick them”

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“Just that?Son,what’s going on with you and Trish?Why aren’t you two talking to each other?Did something happen?”

“No grandma.That’s not it.Trish didn’t do anything”he smiled pulling the dinning chairs out as they both sat down.

“Then what is it son?”

“It’s nothing grandma.Please let’s not talk about it…okay?”.

“Hmm,but son,what about your brother?Has he talked to you?Have you guys settled your differences now?”

“He came to my office…”

“He did?Oh,that’s good news.What did he say?”

“Well,he did apologize but like they say,people don’t really change that easily”

“What does that mean?You don’t think he’s telling the truth?”

“Heh!Grandma,you know that guy tried to kill me,not once…not twice and not just that,he did a whole lot of bad things to Trish.I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget everything he’s ever done and besides,I don’t believe anything he says”

“Oh son,don’t say that.He’s your brother…Leonard”

“A brother I never grew up with?It’s really gonna be hard grandma”

“I know son but you really need to put everything behind since he actually came to you and asked for your forgiveness.Please son…I beg of you”she pleaded making to kneel.

“Oh,no,no grandma.You really shouldn’t.I’ve heard everything you said”

“Grandma…Daddy!!!”the twins called happily rushing towards them with Trish and Ryn following behind.

“Oh children…You’re back”she said happily embracing them.

“Welcome my pretties?How was school?Did you have fun?”Phil chipped in clutching onto them.

“We sure did daddy.We really did”their voice echoed loudly,making the living room lively again.

“Hi grandma Hennia”Trish came in,planting a peck on her senile cheek.Grandma Hennia,though in her seventies,still looked so fresh but old age was starting to tell on her as one could notice it for sure.

“Hi nana.We missed you”Ryn cut in,pecking her alongside as she went to Phil.

“Hi Uncle Phillip”

“Hi to you too Princess.Hope you had fun with your sisters?”

“Of course Uncle Phillip.Mommy took us on a really fun ride before we headed home”

“And we had lots and lots of ice cream too”Stacie chipped in moving in between his legs.

“And let’s not leave the chocolate cookies out.They sure were awesome…Mmm-hmm!”Stephanie spoke alongside,giggling softly.

“Wow…Mommy’s so adorable,isn’t she?”he smiled throwing a quick glance at her as their eyes met.

“Um,grams,we’ll see you guys later.The kids need a warm bath now.They’ve had such a really long day”

“Awe,not fair mommy.We want to stay with daddy a little”the older one cut in feigning a frown.

“Your mum’s right child.Come on now.Susan!Susan….”Grandma Hennia called as Nanny Susan hurried downstairs.

“Oh,children,you’re back.I didn’t hear you guys come in”

“Goodafternoon nanny Suz”they greeted in unison as they made towards the stairs.

“Oh,good day kids.Come on now.Let’s go clean you up”

“Oh,all right”they said reluctantly,shrugging their shoulders.
“We’ll see you later daddy”

“Sure kids.Be careful,all right?”

“You know it dad”

“Oh,wait for me you guys.C’mon mommy,let’s go”

“Oh,no baby.Your mommy’s gonna have to stay with us for a while”Grandma Hennia swiftly cut in.

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“Uhm,I think not grandma.I need to see to it that the kids are all right?”

“Why,they are dear.Nanny’s Susan with them.Just come sit”she smiled pulling out a chair for her.
“Ryn,your mom will join you very soon,okay?”

“Well,okay grandma.Bye-bye!”

“Lovely!Now the kids are all upstairs,can you tell me why you two are being like this?”she asked staring at the duo who had their eyes glued on the glass table.

“Am I not talking to living beings?”

“It’s certainly nothing grams.I said I don’t wanna talk about it”

“I don’t want to know son.God!Why are you being so stubborn.You two need to settle whatever thing that’s going on between you both and it’s now or never.For Christ sake Phillipee,she’s not the one at fault but you’re making it look as if she is.Why son?”

“It’s not like that grandma.Believe me”

“Then if it isn’t,you both have better work things out before I come back.I’ll be going upstairs now”she said angrily as she stormed upstairs,leaving them both.


“I don’t wanna hear it”she said making to leave as Phil held her back.

“Trish you have to listen.I’m sorry about what happened.I shouldn’t have acted that way”

“You’re sorry?That’s it?”she shot back pulling away from him.

“Yes I really am.I admit it.I acted like a total jerk back there and I regret it now.Please forgive me”he apologized genuinely.

“Oh,you want me to now?Do you know how bad those words hurt me?You were indirectly saying it was my fault and I didn’t like it You really should know how to talk Phil.You weren’t like this before.What happened to you?”

“I know.That was totally wrong of me and that’s why I said I’m doing this.I’m really sorry.You have no idea how hurt I am knowing I hurt you”he said remorsefully pulling her into his arms.
“I’m really sorry Tricia.If there’s anything I can do to make it up to you,believe me I will”

“You will?Then take me with you”she swallowed,taking a deep breath as her head laid firmly on his chest.

“I should take you with me?But Trish you know I can’t.Not with Derek here”he muttered sadly raising her chin as he continued.
“And you also know I’m never going to leave you too…”

“I know Phil but I don’t wanna be in this town anymore and you know that as far as I’m here,Derek will do everything within his power to get me back with him and I never want to go back to that house.I don’t want to”

“You’re not going anywhere.I promise I won’t let him do that.C’mon,stop crying.It isn’t healthy for you or the baby.Please stop…”he consoled wiping her tears.
“Come,let me take you to your room.You’ll feel lots warmer there than down here”

“Thanks.You’re totally forgiven Philip Mac-Kenny”she laughed punching him playfully as they both hugged each other again,getting wrapped up in the sweet sweet moment…..

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