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My Campus Life – S01 E26

Daddy!Daddy!”Ryn called happily the moment we stepped into the house.

“Here aunt.Let me help you with that”Cherry said politely as she took the grocery bags from me.

“Daddy look at my pink unicorn.Isn’t it pretty?”she smiled showing Derek the unicorn I got her as he got up from the sofa not uttering anything.

“Baby can you at least look at her.That’s our daughter talking for crying out loud”I muttered with disgust as I rolled my eyes on him.

“Mommy”she said soberly as she ran into my arms.

“Oh come here baby.Stop crying.

Mommy’s right here okay?”I said cuddling her as I watched Derek walk right up inducing more fury in me.

“Mommy,why did daddy do that?Did I annoy him?”

“No baby.You didn’t annoy daddy.You know what,stay here with Cherry,I’ll be back okay?”I said handing her off to Cherry as I stormed off with rage.

“Derek!Derek what the hell was that back there?”I said barging into our bedroom.

“Do you always have to show your stupid attitude in front of our little girl?Why can’t you just stop?Why can’t you?I know you’re mad at me because of what happened but you didn’t have to take it out on her.For God’s sake she’s just a baby”I complained bitterly as he sat on the couch pretending to be engrossed in some magazine.
“I’m talking to you Derek”I fumed snatching the magazine from his hands.

“Trish!Give that to me…Now!”he said in a husky voice getting up from the bed.

“I won’t give it back.I won’t Derek,not until you stop being like this”I said hitting him as his rage increased.

“Gosh!What the hell happened to you?We use to be one happy family but now,I can barely recognise us”I continued glaring at him with hurt and pity.

“You changed so fast and I hate the fact that you did baby.I hate it”I sobbed hard making my nose go red.

“For the last time Tricia,give me that!”he thundered hard throwing fierce glares at me.

“I’m not giving you any…”

“You ungrateful…”he barked ferociously gripping my neck.

“De…rek!”I said in a cracked tone trying to wiggle free.

“Derek sto…!”I panted heavily trying to push him off but he was way too strong.

“Daddy!Daddy leave mommy alone.Leave mommy”Ryn cried rushing toward us as she tugged at his legs with her tiny palms.

“Don’t touch me you”he shot back pushing her as she fell to the ground.

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“Derek!Derek please stop.Please!Don’t hurt her”I cried as I loosened from his grip rushing towards her.

“Ryn?B-baby I’m sorry.I didn’t…”

“How dare you!”I got up slapping him really hard.

“Mommy please stop.Please mommy”

“Baby stay right there.Mommy’s here now”I said to her as I turned to face Derek again.

“You see Derek”I chuckled as I bite my lips.

“You can hurt me,torture me or do anything to me…Anything at all,but when it comes to my daughter,our daughter,don’t you dare lay your hands on her cause hell,I’d surely make your life miserable if something ever happened”I swallowed hard.
“Grrr!You’re so worthless”I spat in his face racing out fast with Ryn in my arms as he chased after us.

“Baby wait!I’m sorry all right?I didn’t mean for this to happen”he said holding me back.

“Let me go!Ugh!I said let me go Derek!”

“I won’t let go.I’m truly sorry my love.I don’t know what came over me”he said still not letting go.

“Derek I swear to God,if you touch me one more time,I’ll call the cops on you.What do you take us for huh?”I said stopping abruptly.

“If we were really important to you,you wouldn’t be treating us like this.You know what,just let me go before I do something I’ll end up regretting”

“Baby please,I’m really sorry.Just please don’t leave.I promise I’ll change this time.Please listen to me”he pleaded piteously as he held me back again.

“Babe look…Look at me.I really mean it.I’m sorry.Just don’t go.Please!I promise that things will be better this time.I promise.Just please stay back”he begged weeping now like some lost kid.

“A-all right”I muttered under my breath as tears came rushing out again.

“All right but please don’t hurt my daughter again.I wouldn’t be able to live if something ever happened to her”

“I promise I won’t.Come here baby,I’m so sorry okay?Can you ever forgive daddy?”he uttered with shame and remorse written on his face as he took Ryn from me.

“Of course daddy.No matter what you do,you’ll always be my daddy”she said as she tightened her arms around him.

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

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Things were back to normal now and I wished for it to always be like thag but I guess,people don’t really change that easily,do they?Humph!Well we can’t tell the future!

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“Ma’am let me get that for you?”Henrik,the driver Derek hired for me said meekly as he got the car door open.

“Oh thanks Hen.Arrgh!Darn it!”I muttered frustratedly on realising my purse wasn’t with me.

“Is there a problem ma’am?”he asked inquisitively.

“Oh no.I just happened to have left something back at the office.I’ll go get it”I sighed hurrying towards the entrance of my office as I caught sight of someone staring at me.I felt cold chills run down my spine the minute I recognized the person fully…My ex-lover!!!

“Ph-Phil!”I gasped with disbelief as he scurried off quickly taking the next turn.
“Phil!!”I called running after him as he hastened his steps.
“Phil…No…Please!Don’t go”I continued as I felt my face get wet from the tears that were dropping unknowingly to me.
“Phil?”I stopped halfway catching glimpse of the man who I assumed was him.He had a red jacket on with his back turned as he stood by the hotdog counter pretending to be making a call.

“Great!This was my chance”I breathed as I walked towards him with my fingers crossed placing my hand on him with delight.
“Oh Phil..I knew it was…”

“Uh,I’m sorry miss but do I know you?”

“Oh I-I’m sorry.I thought you were someone”I apologised as I walked back to the car with my heart acheing so much.

“Ma’am!Ma’am are you okay?”Henrik panicked as he caught sight of the tears in my eyes.

“Y-yes!Yes I’m fine.Let’s go home”I smiled faintly getting into the car as he zoomed off.

“Why does mind always have to play tricks on me?Phil where are you?Why haven’t you looked for me all these years?It shouldn’t have been this way for us.It shouldn’t have”I moaned inside as memories of what we shared way back came flooding my mind again as a drop of tears dropped off soaking my chiffon.

“Ma’am is something wrong?”Henrik asked with concern as we approached Changeling street.Our own street was the next after that.So we weren’t so far now.

“Yeah I’m fine”I consoled wiping my tears off.

“Hang on,is that…”I stared with shock as the sudden sight of Cherry flagging down a white taxi.

“I wonder where she’s off to”I breathed as I saw the taxi zoom off quickly.

“Uh,Hen,please follow that car”I said determined as Henrik kicked the car on at his command and started off.We drove on for almost an hour before the taxi came to a halt and Cherry got out paying him off to my surprise.

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“Like where the hell did she get that large amount?”I stared astonished as I watched her walk towards some prison yard which had Century prison inscribed on it.

“Century prison?What the hell is she doing in this horrible place without my consent?I said disturbed as I ordered Henrik to drive a little closer.

“It’s dangerous ma’am.We don’t know what intentions this girl has”he said cautiously as if he was aware of what was going on inside.

“Yes..That’s true”I concord.
“Let’s get going now”I said to him as he got the car moving again.

“Mommy…Mommy!”Ryn yelled happily as she watched from the balcony.

“Baby,what’ you doing there?Where’s Cherry?”I asked pretentiously as I got out of the car.

“You mean Cherry?She said she wanted to go see her brother or something.So I let her…Welcome honey”Derek chipped in carrying her up.

“Oh thanks babe.I’ll be there in a jiffy baby”I said to Ryn as she nodded delightedly.
“Ugh!Why do I feel there’s more to this girl?”I mumbled under my breath as I went inside shutting the door behind.

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

“My love,how are you doing?I’ve missed you so much”Cherry said as she held on to a bearded shabby man in a haggard worn out outfit.

“How am I doing?Can’t you see I’ve been in here for five years now and you’re asking me that.Arrgh!Were you always this stupid?”

“Awe,calm down baby.You know I was only teasing”

“I know that.I missed you too though.So how’s that inchworm and that dimwit husband of hers?”

“Oh baby,you should totally see them…Haha!”she chuckled sinisterly caressing his hands.
“Our plans are perfectly working and I certainly can’t wait for you to get out of here so we can be together again”

“Ha!And when I do,it’s gonna be hell on earth for all of ’em”

“That’s right baby”

“Enjoy it while it lasts cause when I’m finally out of here,you’ll regret ever choosing those fools over me.Mark my words Tricia Parker!”


Guess who my Lovelies???

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