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My Campus Life – S01 E19

You ready Miss Parker?”Doctor Steve said to me as he spread my legs apart with the blue sheet wrapping the upper part of my body.

I bet he isn’t up to forty though.His taunty looks and enticing accent fully gives him out.You bet I paid him a whole lot of cash for this operation.I bet dad and mum wouldn’t mind as they’ve got way more than that now.Like they actually knew what was going on with their daughter when their busy walking the runway at the presidential ville.Can’t say I didn’t miss those two…Heh!

“Mm-hmm”I nodded like a rainbow lizard not taking my eyes off the scary stuffs he was going to use on me.I could feel my legs trembling from where they were spread apart and I could feel my heart beating sonorously now.

“Gosh!I hope I do make it out alive”I prayed silently as he brought the pan containing the materials closer.I can see them clearly now from where I laid like a helpless lamb waiting to be sacrificed.

To me,this doctor was really a wack and also one hell of an a-hole if I’m not mistaken.That’ll explain why he gave in immediately the moment I agreed to pay him off with a 500,000 token if it ever went successful.That’s a cheap cash though.Wink!

“Tricia!Tricia,come back here!”the constant screaming of Derek’s voice came hovering hap-hazardly in my ears all again.

“Ahh!That voice!Why can’t it just stop?”I sighed with discomfort as I stayed still fixing my eyes on the white ceiling boards hoping for the doctor to hurry up with whatever trash he was doing.I just wanted to get rid of this thing inside of me.

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“It’s being two days…Why can’t it just stop.Arrgh!”I grumbled out loud this time making the doctor throw a glance at me.

“I’m sorry what?”the doctor asked peering those two eyes of his on me like a weirdo as he lowered the stainless scissors he had in his hands.

“Jeez!I can’t believe he’s gonna take that inside of me.It’s so sharpy”I squealed inside gripping the bed really hard as I looked on with terror.

“Oh!….”I gasped with fear of being heard.

“Are you…”he asked pausing halfway with the interruption caused by the tapping sound on the tinted glass door that stood fixed in it’s rollers.

“Doctor Steven”she knocked a second time bringing her voice low.

“Doctor Steven it’s nurse Pearson.You have an urgent call from one Doctor Lance.An intern doctor I presume”

“Oh,thank you.Be right there in a jiffy”he smiled taking his gloves off as I laid there confused.

“W-what’s wrong?Are you not going to finish up with me first?”I asked with eagerness and anxiety written on my face.

“You’ll have to forgive me miss.I got something important to tend to but I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible”he said hurriedly making towards the door.

“But isn’t that unprofessional?You have got to finish up with this sir.I’ve got somewhere to be”I cut in persuasively but it was too late as he had slid out leaving me in a frustrated state.

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“Arrgh!Now,what am I going to do with this?”I spoke with guilt peering down on my belly as I ran my hands all over it with unsteadiness and creepy imaginations crowding mind.

If only my babies had not died two years ago.Things would have been way better now”I sighed again releasing the cloud of tears that were forcing to be let out.

“God,what have I done?What was I planning on doing?”I bickered hard shaking unendingly.

“I can’t do this to an innocent soul that knows nothing.He never brought this on himself.Him or she.Whoever he’d turn out to be”I continued chewing the tips of my finger.That was a habit I picked up from Janine Stiles,my play mate back at fourth grade and ever since then,it became a part of me.I bet you guys are wondering who that might be

Janine’s my friend.

Was actually and one pretty blonde as at that with deep sparkly almond eyes and a cute pointed nose to go with.It’s being almost eight years since she and her single mum,Miss Clara moved out of Hennsen…Never to be seen again and that’s how we lost contact cause she never came by our neighbourhood again.Humph!Whatever happened to that kid,I bet she’s got the perfect life she’s always wanted.What a world!I laid lost in thought with lips making funny sigh sounds like an insane dorky head.

“God!What’s happening to me?”I cried bitterly yanking myself.

” I really need to get out of here”I continued getting up on my feet with every ounce of strength I had left out.I slid the door open and as quiet as I’ll ever be tiptoed outside so I wouldn’t make a peek but it was too late as a nurse had already caught sight of me.It wasn’t Nurse Pear though.This one was way plumpy and was badly bleached with her red mixture face that seemed they were going to melt off if it ever came near a blazing inferno.

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“Urrgh!What a skillet!”I sighed hastening my footsteps.

“Someone stop her!”she yelled at the nurses at the counter but I was nowhere to be seen.

“Ha!Losers!”I said in a jubilating tone as I hurried out in the streets with my arms all folded tight.

“Taxi!”I yelled impatiently flagging down the luxury bus that’ll take me right back to Hennsen.Good thing it’s just a few hours drive from Toronto Medicals.

“Route 22,anybody here?”the bus driver,an elderly man in a red puffy jacket and a black face cap called out from the front seat.

“Here sir!”I said happily paying him off.

“Hey!That’s way too much you’re giving me yo”he said with astonishment admiring the three thousand I shoved in his hands.

“What can I say man?Keep the change.Cao!”I grinned hopping off excitedly as I had a yellow taxi drive me off to Lake street.

“My home sweet home”

Sorry for the inconvenience guys.I made a little update into this one and that’s why I’m posting it all again.Stay tuned for the next one.Have a wonderful morning.

To Be Continued…

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