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My Campus Life – S01 E14

Hum..Hum…Hum”I hummed in a sorrowful tune as I laid on the grass in our backyard looking up to the sky like someone in search of redemption.If there’ll ever be one for me.

It seemed it was going to rain but it didn’t matter though.I just wanted to be here.At least,it reminded me of the one I once loved but now,he’s history.It’s being five months since I last heard from him.Of course,I’d have gone in search of him if not for the body guards that dad assigned to watch over me.I was a prisoner in my own home and it felt worse knowing that.

“Poor guy!Things wouldn’t have been this way if I hadn’t met him in that hallway”I sobbed letting my tears flow this time.

“Trish,you’re doing it again”Derek called out to me reaching out for my hands.
“I’m not”I smiled faintly wiping my tears off.

“Heh!You can’t lie to me,you know?C’mere!”he spoke softly pulling me into his arms.
“I’m sorry!I-I can’t help it.I can’t help it,you know?It’s all my fault”I sobbed with pains lingering in my heart.

“Ohh stop it.You’re stressing yourself and I hate to see you like this”he said caressing me.
“What do you want me to do?”
“I just want you to be fine and be strong for your babies too.Look at me,I know wherever Phil is,he wouldn’t want you being like this.You know,going about crying all day and night,hammering yourself.You’re stronger than this Tricia.C’mon wipe those tears and come eat.I prepared something for you”he said jerking me up.

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“You did?You really shouldn’t have bothered about that.I’m not even hungry”
“Ohh c’mon!Don’t be such a tease.You’ve not had anything since morn and it’s already noon”

“But you really shouldn…”
“Shh!Come on now before it gets cold.And perhaps later,we can go order for some lasagnas.I bet you love those,don’t you?”he grinned making me laugh.

“There!That’s the face I’ve been looking for..Up, up now!”
“Haha!Well alright”I stood up staggering backwards a little.
“Woo!Easy there…I got you”he said holding me firm.
“Ohh!Heh!Thanks”I said letting go of him.

“Get…your…paws…off…her!NOW!”a voice called out rather hoarse making me shiver.

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“P-Phil!Phillip,h-how did you…W-what are you doing here?You shouldn’t be here Phillip.Dad’s gonna kill you”I said with terror.
“I don’t care Tricia.I don’t!I once had you but then I lost you.I can’t live like this Trish.Just come with me my love.We can have our own perfect little family…You and I together with our kids.Just please Tricia.I want you back with me.Life without you is meaningless and I’m not ready to go on with such pains.Not anymore!”he said looking all sober.

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“Tricia don’t listen to him.Look man,you need to back out or else…”Derek shot back dragging me back.

“Or else what?”
“Or else…”he said coming closer.

“Stop you two”I said getting in between them.

“You heard the lady!”
“Let’s go Trish.I’m sorry but I can’t lose you…Not now!Not ever!”he uttered making me cry.

“Ow Phil,you’re hurting me”
“I said let her go,you punk”Derek yelled with fury pouncing right on him as they began throwing punches at each other ferociously.

“You two..Stop!Stop it!Phillip….Derek please stop.Stop Derek….”I screamed with terror moving towards them.

Ahh!I moaned in pains as I felt a sharp pain cut across my abdomen making me fall to the ground.

Ah..Ahhhh…Ph-Phillip!Arr…rrrrrrh!Phillip!”I yelled again catching sight of the blood stain that’d covered the gown I had on.
“De…rek!Derek!!!!”I screamed much louder.
“Trish?Trish!Oh no no Trish”Derek said moving closer to me as he carried me up hurriedly towards the car.
“Don’t you come any closer.You’ve done enough”he shot back at Phil as he placed me in front of the car lowering the seat so it won’t be inconveniencing.
“D-Derek!”I said panting heavily.
“Shh-shh!Just breathe.Breathe all right?I’m here…”
“Trish!D-Derek what’s wrong with Trish?”
“There’s no time to explain Josette.Just call mum and dad and tell them we’re headed to Marinade hospital”he commanded immediately tossing his other phone at her as he got in beside me.
“Stay with me Trish.You’ll be okay”he assured as he drove off swiftly.

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Everything seemed to be fading out rapidly as I saw myself on the brinks of death.I closed my eyes slowly feeling my strength drain out of me little by little…hearing the constant wailings of those little children ringing in my ears repeatedly from whence I knew nothing about.It was one hell of a nightmare and I wished to wake right up from it….If there’ll ever be another chance for me….

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