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My Campus Life – S01 E13

Babe!”I called out to Phillip as we stepped out of the car.

Hey!Keep the change man”he said to the driver as he drove off.

“You sure grandma’s gonna be okay with me spending the night over here?”I asked with anxiety written all over my face.
I mean,look at this.She’s definitely gonna ask”I said nervously rubbing my hands on my belly.

“C’mon,grams won’t fret about it much.We just have to tell her everything”

“Urrgh!We should have just stayed back at school.This was totally a bad idea”
“Oh don’t be like that hon.I’ve got you all right?”he smiled holding me firmly so I wouldn’t lose balance.

“Ohh stop!Just because I’m all preggy here,mean you have to hold me.I’m definitely not going to fall”I said laughing as I clung to my bag.

“Stop being so grumpy you.Here,give me that.It’s totes heavy”he said taking my luggage from me.

“See!Now who’s grumpy”I teased squeezing my face as we rang the door bell.
“Who is there?”I heard Mrs Hennia call from inside.

“Phillip!”she said jerking the wooden door open.
“Ohhh my grand son.I’ve missed you so much”she said hugging him with delight.
“Oh grandma,it’s only being few days,you know?”
“I know but it’s being a little lonely here.And my,who do we have here?”she exclaimed rolling her eyes all over me.
“Phil?”she called again arching her brows in a what-did-you-do kind of way.
“Goodevening Grandma Hennia”I greeted politely cornering my lips to an angle.
“Uh,evening child.Why,come on in you two.It’s quite cozy out there”she laughed slightly shutting the door behind.
“Hmm,grams where’s nanny Vanelle?”
“She isn’t back yet son”she said pouring us some hot coffee into a small white mug.
“Ahem,grams!”Phil coughed as he sat up.

I’d like to discuss something crucial with you”
“You don’t need to tell me son.I’m not blind”she smiled glancing at me a little.
“Oh-oh!We’re so in!”
“You do?”
“Yeah!So,I reckon you two get some rest.I trust you must be tired”
“Uh,sure”we both replied sipping our coffee silently as we watched her leave.
So um,to cut the long story short guys,Mrs Hennia got to hear us both though I could see the disdain in her face but what can the poor woman do anyway?There’s no turning back now…Sigh!

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“Trish?Ahem!I mean ma’am”Josie uttered with surprise seeing me on the front porch.

“It doesn’t matter”I cut in sharply stepping inside alongside Phil and his grams.
Is mum home?”I spoke out gathering up courage.
I could see her eyeballs diverted on my belly now.
“Gosh!Why can’t everyone stop staring?It’s not like I’ve got demon spawns swimming inside of me”I bickered inside.
“Baby,is that you?”my mum called out from the dinning room.
“H-hi mum”
“Phil?Mrs Hennia?”she stared amazed.
Oh,Mrs Hennia!How nice of you to come”she said happily hugging Phil’s grams.
“And oh gosh,my ba….”she paused peering down on my belly.

“M-mum!”I shivered intensely.
What?!Wh-what in the world…”
“Calm down child”Mrs Hennia spoke out reaching out for her.
“Calm down?I can’t calm down Mrs Hennia not when my daughter’s standing right in front of me in this state”she yelled furiously.
“Honey,I’m home!”My dad sang out happily stepping in.
“Trish?Phillip?Mrs Hennia?”
“D-daddy?”I said with tears flowing down my face.
“D-daddy!I’m sorry.I’m so sorry daddy”

“Sorry?Honey what’s going on in here cause clearly I’m confused and Trish what’ you doing here?I thought you said you got some stuffs to cover up at school?”he asked confused.
And what are you guys talking about and why are you all here?Did something happen?”he said handing out his briefcase to Josie.
“Yes Silas!Can’t you see?”my mum said shoving her hair backwards.

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“Belinda!!!”he barked furiously glaring at me.
“God!I can’t take it anymore…Not with dad’s eyes like this”I muttered under my breath with my whole body shaking like a leaf.
“D-daddy…Daddy!I’m so sorry.I’m really sorry daddy”
“How dare you talk back,young lady”he shot back flaring a hot slap on my face.
“I bet that slap can boil a drum full of water..Ohhh!Such defiance!”

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“Slias!”Mrs Hennia gasped moving towards me.
“Silas please!She’s still our daughter”my mum defended coming right in front of me before my dad could do anythingelse.
“Our daughter?Our daughter you say!
Phil!”he barked turning towards Phil.

You two are always together.How could you let this happen huh?”
“I’m really sorry sir.I never meant for this to happen.I never did sir”
“You animal!!!”my dad cursed raging towards Phil with a hard punch.
“Dad no!Please daddy.Let him go”
“Shut the hell up!”he bellowed hard pushing me roughly.
You know what,before I come back here,let it be you’ve gotten the rest of your things upstairs all packed up.I never want to see you around my house again.You hear me?”he spoke harshly.

“No daddy!No!You can’t do this to me.I’m your daughter”I sobbed endlessly clutching onto his arms.
“Mother!Mother please!Please mum!Beg him!I have nowhere to go”
“Silas no!You can’t do this to her.Just hear us out please”Mrs Hennia begged endlessly.
“I already have.What will the press say when they learn about this?Huh?What’ll become of me?I bet you never thought of that when you gave yourself cheaply to this wretched fool?”he spat out rolling his eyes on Phillip with detest.
“D-dad!”I gasped out holding him.

“Don’t touch me!”he yelled pushing me violently.
“You’re no daughter of mine”he continued.
I raised my daughter so well and I know if it were to be her,she wouldn’t dare drag the family’s name to the mud in this manner”he spoke with disgust as he gnashed his teeth.
“Oh no!My baby”my mum yelled out rushing towards me.
Honey please,please!That’s enough…Please!She’s still our daughter.Please don’t do this”my mum cried endlessly as she had her arms wrapped around me.
“Mum…Mum!I’m so sorry I failed you”I cried in her arms.
D-dad please forgive me.Please daddy”
“Forgive you?God Belinda!”
You guys wanna talk?Huh?Go on then.Speak up I say!”he thundered in top of his voice slumping down to the sofa.
“Jeez!What has come over dad?”

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Mrs Hennia came towards him and with her two senile-knuckled knees on our tiled floor,begged on our behalf for him to accept my fate.It was such a nightmare seeing all that happened but dad didn’t say a word but to my surprise,he spoke up.
“I’ve heard everything Mrs Hennia.I don’t want to disrespect you cause you’ve never been unkind to us.So,in respect of that,you’ll keep this child Tricia”he said turning towards Phil and I.
“A-are you s-serious dad?”I swallowed hard as I sat right next to him still trembling.
“Y-yes!The deed has already been done.We can’t change the past.But know this Mac-Kenny,you’re never to be seen around my daughter or this child ever again.You understand?”

“Yes sir!”Phillip answered getting up on his feet with his head bowed down.
“D-dad..No daddy.You can’t do that.I love Phillip.Please daddy!”
“That’s final!”he said furiously getting up on his feet.
Now go!Go,before I change my mind and hand you over to the cops”
“Daddy no!You can’t do this to me”I cried non-stop.
“M-mum..Please!Beg dad.I know he listens to you”
“Rayla!Take her upstairs.You’re never going back to that school of yours”
Josie,do see our visitors out.They’ve overstayed their welcome”

“Yes sir”
“Phillip!Mum…!”I cried seeking for a change of heart but all fell on deaf ears as dad forbade me from ever seeing him again.

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