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My Campus Life – S01 E12

Mommy!Mommy!Mommy please help us!Help us mommy!We’re alone”I heard the screaming of little children though I didn’t know where it came from but it felt like they were in grave danger and I just couldn’t stand there and do nothing.I have to help them!I have to!”

“Hang on!I’m coming you guys!”I said panting heavily as I ran through the dark narrow path.

“Trish!”a voice spoke out gripping me.
“I couldn’t see his face but his grip was so strong and I couldn’t go any further”
“Trish!Trish!Wake up!”
“Hhh!Am I in hell?”I groaned in pains swinging my eyes open as I caught glimpse of Phil whose hands were on me.
“No silly!You’re in the hospital.Gosh!You scared us back there”Sophie said hugging me tight.
“Soph!Ph-Phil!H-how long have I being here?”I said jerking up weakly.

“Just take it easy.The doctor said you needn’t stress yourself muxh”
“Take it easy?!”I asked confused.
What happened to me and why the hell do I have this on me?”I asked peering down on the drip that were attached to my wrist.
Oh gosh!Phil!Phil are you alright?”I said panic-stricken as memories of the other day came crowding my mind in bits.

My child…Yes!My child!I-is he…”I said with fright.
“Yes!Our child is perfectly fine Trish”he smiled caressing my hands softly.
“At least hearing that word “our” felt relieving”
“Thank God”I said heaving a sigh of relief as I laid back down.
“Well,what about James?Is he d-dead?”
“Oh!You mean that riff raff?”Soph cut in angrily.
“You needn’t worry about him.He’s where he won’t bother you guys anymore”
“How’d you mean?”
“Well,my dad had him and his gangs run over the minute Phil informed me of what took place.Good thing Phil was there.You’d have probably being dead by now”she said caressing my hair.
“So you mean they’ve been locked up?”I asked with surprise.

“Yup!So shh!Enough talking now.You don’t want to get my little bun all worked up in there.He’s had enough stress for one day”she teased adjusting the pillow for me.
And don’t you dare do that again!Gosh!You scared the hell out of me.I thought I’d lost you”she said hugging me again.
“You got Phil worried too,right douche bag?”she teased poking him.
“Uh-huh!I’m sorry Trish.I’m really sorry for everything.I never should have pushed you away like that.You don’t know how much I missed you those times”he said hugging me gently.

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“Aww,I missed you too and I’m sorry either.I never should have kept the truth from you.It’s all my fault”
“No it isn’t.I’m just glad you’re okay now”
I’ll leave you two lovebirds now.Oopsie!”She giggled giving me a call me sign as she went outside.
“Ohhh!”we both laughed entangling from each other.
“I love you Phil”
“I love you too Trish”he said happily kissing me on my lips.
“I won’t say I didn’t miss that.Well,that certainly went well,didn’t it?”

“Trish,you sure you’re gonna be okay with us leaving you all alone?I’m starting to get worried already.What if something happens while we’re gone?”

“Oh nothing will!You do worry yourself so much Soph.Look,I’m perfectly fine”I said placing my hands on my belly that was a little big now.
“She’s right sis!You worry so much”Daph spoke out folding up the remaining clothes into her bag.
“But seriously Trish,you can’t be all alone on christmas.What’d you think mum and dad will say if they find out you’re not coming home?Don’t you think it’ll look suspicious?And why haven’t you told them yet?It’s being three months now”she continued putting her hands akimbo.
“Ohh,don’t look at me like that.I’m just waiting for the right time to come”
“The right time?Soph can you hear her?”
“Hh!Look Trish,you can’t hide it from them anymore.They’re your parents for crying out loud.You really need to tell them before someone else does”
“Oh what do you want me to say then?Hmm,let’s see….Hi mum!Hi dad!Phil got me pregnant and now I’ve got three little mini Mac-Kennys crawling inside of me.Seriously?”
“Tell me about it!”Daph grinned.
The guy really tried.Three at once.What a goal!”she teased flaring her hands in the air.
“Oh,do shut up Daph.The babies are hearing”Soph cut in turning back to me.

We just want the best for you Trish.Just tell them okay?You can’t hide it forever hon”
“Ohh,fine!I will.Trust me!”I smiled faintly.

“Good!That’s what I want to hear”
D!you done packing?I bet dad’s outside already.We don’t wanna keep him waiting”she said in some kind hottie telenovela accent.
“Yeah!”she said zipping her box.
“We out then!Take care B”they said hugging me.
“Oww!You guys are squeezing me.I can hardly breathe”I said jokingly trying to wiggle free.
“Haha!We do hate we won’t be able to see you till next week.Are you sure you’ll be alright?”

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“Oh you guys!It’s only for a week.I’m not going anywhere,you know?”
“Yeah yeah!We’ll see you soon then”they said dragging their luggages behind.
“Yeah!I love you guys”
“Byeeee”they waved back shutting the door behind them.
“Ooof!So you guys are awake.How sweet!”I said feeling my belly gently.
“Daddy’s calling”I said excitedly taking up my phone from the cane rack”
“Hey honey.What’s the occasion?”
“Mmm,let me see!There!There’s you!There’s my babies and hmm,what else am I leaving out?”
“You?!”I chuckled softly.
“Ah-hah!Yes!The top dog!”
“Oh shut up.You’re so arrogant”I chuckled again.
Where are you anyway?You’re still with grams?”
“Nope.Try again!”
“Hold on!You’re back already?I thought you won’t be coming back till next week?”
“Hah!And miss my chance of being with you?No way!”
“Ooo goody”I said blushing hard.
You should see me now.I popped this week”I laughed.
“If only dad will laugh over that too”
“I see!Put on an Elfie hat then and head down to the North Pole.I bet santa’s waiting for you there”he teased.
“Ohh shut up!At least you’re not the one carrying three hefty babies inside of you”
“Awe!Tell me about it!”
“Hang on.Are you..”
“Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!Merry Christmas Mrs Clause”he rang out swinging the door wide open.
“Phil!”I exclaimed with amazement
OMG!How did you?”
“It’s a Christmas miracle”he smirked pulling me into in his arms
I missed you and my,what do we have here?”he said lowering his face down to my belly.
“Oh stop!That tickles”I giggled.
“Shh!I can hear them”
“Well,what did they say?”I asked with interest.

“They said daddy’s so handsome and mommy’s all puffier now”
“Awe!Not fair”I said pretending to be jealous.
“Oh you!Mmm”he said kissing me deeply.
“Gosh!I so missed this”I said kissing him right back.
Hmm!I wonder what’s in there”I said taking a peek in the grocery bag he had in his hands.
“Oh this?Here!Take a look”he said handing it right out.
And also this”
“Burgers!Yay!Gimme gimme!”I yelled excitedly snatching the burgers from him.
Mmmm!I love you”I said with enthusiasm taking the burger out of it’s wrapper carefully.
“Mhm-mm!I love you too”
“Huh!I wasn’t talking to you genius”I said giving him a smirky face.
“Ouch!You didn’t!”

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“Heh!Just kidding.I love you more”I said letting go of the burger as I hung my arms around him.
“Ooo”I coughed out.
“They just kicked”
“Mmh-mm!Ooo,now there’s baby B!Ooo!…and baby C”I said teasingly running my hands on my belly.
“Really?You can tell them apart?”
“Uh-huh!I’m their mother.Come!Feel them”I said placing his hands on my bare belly.

“Whoaa!We’ve got ninjas in there”
“Uh-uh!I hope they’re not as arrogant as you too”
“Oh I do wish that”He said pinching my cheeks.
“Trish!Your phone”
“Oh!Shh!”I signalled to him seeing mum’s name pop up.
“Hey mum.What’s kicking?”I said trying to act normal.
“What’s kicking is that I’m missing my baby.Is anything happening over there baby?Why don’t you want to come home for Christmas?Are you sick?”
“Uh,no mum”I said nervously.
I just have some projects to tend to”
“Hmm,that’s it?Just come home baby.We’re missing you.Or do you want us to come pick you up?”
“N-No!That won’t be necessary.I’ll be fine okay?”I said trying to hold back my tears.

“You sure?”
“Yeah!I promise.I need to go now mum.I love you very much”I said hurriedly.
“I love you most baby.Come home soon alright?”
“Sure!Bye now”
“Woo!Trish we can’t hide this anymore”Phil spoke up taking my hands.
“I know b…”
“You’re scared it’ll break her heart.I never should have gotten you into this mess in the first place”he said turning his face away.
“Don’t say that.I’m really happy that’ve got you and these babies here.If you want to blame anyone,blame me.I love you Phil and I’m ready to face anything with you.You just have to convince me that you are too”
“Believe me,I am!I can’t let you off just like that.You mean so much to me”he said kissing me softly.

“I love you very much”
“I love you too.We’ll go see them tomorrow alright?”
“Sure we will but for now i need to sleep and you need to rest too.Are you hungry?”
“Not yet!I just want to watch you sleep”
“Alright Superman”I said placing my head on his chest as I dozed off before anyone could say Jack.
“Whoo!I’m never getting this feelings off me”

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