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My Campus Life – S01 E10

A month passed and yet,it still felt like Kara wasn’t dead.I’ve moved in with Soph along with my whole stuff.Not leaving anything behind.I wasn’t ready for any ghostly drama.It felt like a deserted area now and Lucas,hmm,I wonder what later happened to him.Not like I care anyway.It’s quite fortunate I didn’t end up pregnant for that dufus head.Yuk!

“La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la”I sang happily thinking all about Phillip.I bet you guys are wondering what transpired between James and I.I’ll tell ya.

It was two weeks back…Well,look down!

“Hi baby.Come to apologise?”
“Apologise for what?”I said angrily.
“Whoa!I was only kidding.Come on in”He said with a charming smile but that totally went unnoticed.I wasn’t after that.
“So uh,I came to tell you something”

“That can wait baby.Come here!I missed you”he said trying to kiss me.
“J-James!Stop it”
“C’mon!We haven’t done this for quite sometime now and I’m starting to get really hard inside”he said taking his hands up my laps slowly.
“He almost got me there.But no Trish!This has got to stop”I yelled in my mind.
“I said…leave me alone!”I yelled furiously slapping his hands away.

It’s over James,so whatever stupid games you’re trying to have me play with you,won’t work,you get me?Cause I don’t love you and I never did”I said boldly not minding if those words hurt him.
“Haha!Oh,I get it!Phil sent you here,didn’t he?Or let me guess,De-,what’s his name again honey?”he said mockingly and I guess that did it.
“Leave them out of this.How dumb of you think that”
“Ooo,so you do love them both?Uh!I see!”
“I don’t have time for garbage dumps like you.Now if you’ll excuse me,I need to go”
“Ohh,no you don’t”he said in the most scary way I’ve ever heard gripping me so hard with his manly strength.
“Let me go James!You’re hurting me”I cried bitterly.
“What happenned to you acting tough huh?You haven’t seen anything Belinda”he said slapping me as he pushed me so hard making me fall on my sides”

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Foolish girl!You were always so dumb.Now you’ll have to pay for that…In death!”he chuckled maniacally taking his pants off.
“Please God!Save me!”I prayed out.
James stop.Stop it!J-James!”I cried trying to shove him off me but to no avail as he was way too strong.
“God can’t save you Tricia cause you’ve got no place in heaven”he said as he got hold of my upper clothing and ripped it open carelssly making the buttons fall off.
I could see the lust in his eyes now as he gnawed on my underwear wear with his teeth as he chuckled devilishly.
“Oh!What a monster.I never should have given a deaf hear to Daph”
The atmosphere was nothing to write about too.I was starting to feel weak inside when suddenly,my eyes miraculously trailed itself to the tiny glass vase with no flowers that hung at the side of the bed.So I wiggled my left hand a little from his hold as the other one was left pinned down.I guess he didn’t notice.I succeded in getting hold of it and with every ounce of strength I had,smashed it on his head making him groan in pains as I loosened from his grips grabbing hold of whatever pieces were left.I made for the door as I ran out hurriedly for fear of him catching up with me and that guys,was how I escaped death’s butchering abode.End of story!Now where were we children?LOL!Kidding!

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“Girl,you look dashing.The outfit totally brings out your eyes”Sophie said to me admiring the hot yellow slender top I had on.

“Thanks Soph.I won’t be back till…well,never”I said jokingly turning the door knob.
“You wouldn’t dare”she chuckled slightly.”
Where are you off to anyway?Boyfy’s house?”she teased taking up her pink teddybear as she kissed it naughtily.
“Ooo,that’s gross.Stop it,will you?”I blushed hard.
“Haha!I bet you’re blushing already.Mhm-mm!”
“Heh!Tell me about it.I’ll see you later”
“Al….right”she rung out.
Have fun B”
“You know it”I giggled softly closing the door behind.

Haha!Don’t mind her guys.Phil and I aren’t dating.Well,at leasr not yet.You’ll get to understand later.Don’t wanna ruin the rest of the story for us.Wink!”

“Hi honey!Care to let me in?”
“Why not?What’s mine is yours”he said as we both laughed.
“Hhh!It felt so right being with him”

“What’s for lunch?I’m quite starved”I said as I headed towards the kitchen.
“Hmm,I haven’t cooked yet”
“You got to be kidding me”I said with exhaustment.
“Nope!You’re way too fat.Go do some work outs first”he chuckled dragging me back.
“Oh,shut up!You’re too arrogant”
“You didn’t just say that”he laughed hard lifting me up.
“Ah!Put me down Phil”
“Arrrgh!You’re so annoying”I teased as he dropped me.
Now my hair is all ruffled up because of you.Hmmph!”I said punching him playfully.
“You’re pretty Trish”he said not letting go off me.
“Uh,thanks…I guess!”I blushed inside.

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“I mean it!Look Trish,there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you”
“Shh!Hold it”I said locking my lips on his.
“Gosh!I’ve always wanted to do that and it felt really goooood”
“Hmm,what’s wrong?”
“This is Trish.We can’t do this”he said taking his lips away to my dismay.
“C’mon!It won’t hurt”
“I Just can’t.I don’t want to hurt you”he said backing me.
“Just do it Phil.I want you to…Please”I pleaded bringing his lips down on mine hungrily and I guess,that’s when I felt what love really meant for the very first time.We made love.I mean real one and not just any kind.I’ve never felt anything like it and I definitely wished for him to be mine forever but I guess,fate does really have a way of coming in between.
You’ll see!!!

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