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My Campus Life – S01 E07

“Hhh!What a brand new day this is.Isn’t that right baby?”my mum said out sipping the cup of cocoa she had in her hand.
She sure doesn’t miss having that every morning.Ooh-la-la!
“I don’t know mum.It seems pretty normal,don’t you think?”I said shrugging my shoulders as I kept my eyes glued on the fashion magazine that had lots of pictures and artistrys drawn inside.

“Awe!Don’t be like that honey.You’re always serious”she teased turning towards me.
“What?I didn’t say anything,did I?”
“See!You’re starting to act out again.Now smile for mummy”she laughed getting up from the couch.
“Ooo mum!Quit doing that”I laughed as she tickled me softly

“Now,that’s the smile I’ve been looking for”
“Ohh mum”
“I really missed her company.Though she can be a little disturbing sometimes but I can’t say I didn’t miss it.Heh!”
“So baby,tell me,how’s Campbell treating you?Hope you’re happy over there?”
“Not like I have a choice but yeah.I can’t wait to be out of that stupid school anyway”I mumbled under my breath.
“What did you say?”

“(Gasps)I bet she heard me”
“Heh!Nothing mother”
“Hmm,baby,is there something you’re not telling me?”she asked suspiciously.
“Nah”I said pretending to smile.
“What!I can’t tell her about my love life,you know?She would totally kill me if she ever found out about James and I.Mum never really liked that guy and I can’t fathom out why”
“Are you sure honey?”
“Yeah!I-I’m fine mum”
“See!Cracked pitch fine means something.So talk!”she persuaded.

Remember Belinda,I gave birth to you,so you can’t lie to me”she said pulling me in her arms
“Gosh,I really felt like pouring out my hearts to her at that moment but you know me,I don’t want to ruin my reputation.Hah!And oh guys,Belinda’s my other name.It’s a grandma’s name.Bet you didn’t know.Oopsie!”
“I said I’m fine mum.Jeez,you worry so much”
“Oh shh it,will you?You really sounded scared back there baby.C’mon,if there’s something bad going on over there,just tell us.So you’re dad and I can act out immediately”she said fiercely.
“Jeez!My mum can be really scary at times.No wonder why dad named her iron-lady”
“Chill mum!You don’t wanna scare those guys,do you?I’m fine alright.Trust me”I said trying to sound confident.
“Well,alright!I better go check if your dad’s done unpacking those stuffs at the garage.
“What stuff?”I asked inquisitively.

“Err,you know the package Uncle Rob brought over yesterday”

“What!Uncle Rob stopped by yesterday and you guys never informed me?What am I mum?”
“Hah!I didn’t ask you to be such a sleepy head,did I?”
“Muuuuuum!”I said stomping my foot with my hands folded up

“Yes honey,I’ll catch you later.Muah!”she said kissing me on the forehead
“And oh,do check if Josie’s done cooking.I bet you’re hungry now”

“Uh,that slowpoke!”
“Be nice baby”she rang out from the porch.
“Josie!Do hurry up,you wench.It’s almost 9:30″I yelled out taking up my phone from the glass stand.

“Okay ma’am”
“Oof!I need James right now”I grinned dialing his number.
“Whoa!That’s new!Did he just hang up on me?”
“And what are you staring at?Don’t you have anywhere else to be?”I said angrily looking up at Josie who was giggling by the corner.

“Oh nothing.I’ll be off now ma’am”
“You better be or I’ll lose it”I said angrily making my way towards the bedroom.
“Can you imagine?”
I laid down on my bed as the thought of James ignoring my constant calls ran through my mind.

“Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking though?Oh Lord!Please let it not be”I muttered under my breath as I laid lost in thoughts.
“I wonder who that could be”I said taking up my phone again
Phil?Phil!Oh My Gosh!It’s my Philly”I jumped up excitedly.
“Hah!Did I just say that?”
“Phil!I’m so happy to hear from you.Where the hell have you been?”

“Whoa!Easy there puffy.You seem cheery.Did you miss me?”
“Of course I did.Gosh!I left a million messages for you but you didn’t reply to any.It’s not fair leaving me off like that”
“I’m really sorry babe.I didn’t mean to.Something came up and I didn’t have time for anything at all.I’m really sorry alright?”he apologised wholeheartedly making my anger fade away.
“Hmm,something did?Hope it isn’t something I should worry about?”

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“Nah!Not at all.I don’t want you losing that puffy weight of yours
“Oh you!You haven’t changed a bit.I did miss you,you know?Don’t you dare leave me off like that again,you hear me?”I said jokingly.
“Not like I meant it sha.But my,I think I’m in love with this guy.Mmm!Scratch that out.Heh!”

“Alright puffy.I see you’re getting ready for school”
“Uh-huh!What about you?”
“I don’t think I’ll be coming back anymore”he said with a sad tone.

“What!Phil,no you can’t do that.You’re among the smartest student we’ve got over here”I spoke with fright.
You can’t just drop off like that.What about me Phil?Don’t you want to see me again?”
“I do!I really do but I don’t have a choice.I’ve got no money Trish and my grandma’s out sick.There’s no one to take care of her except me.In fact,I don’t know what to do”he said weakly.

You know what,I’ll talk to you later.Bye Tricia”he said hanging up on me swiftly before U could utter anything.
“Tricia?He’s never called me that before”I said heartbroken getting out from the bed.
“Wait,did he just…No!!!I can’t lose Phil so soon.I can’t!I need to do something about this”I said rushing downstairs
“What’s wrong honey?Why are you crying?”

“Mum,I need your help please.I need you to give me some cash.I’m literally out of money”I said without thinking
“Baby,is that why you’re crying?You know we can give you anything you want even without you asking.How much do you need?”my dad cut in front behind.

“I-I just need your credit card dad”I spoke confidently.
I promise to return it.Just please daddy.I really need it”I said sobbing really hard.
“Just wipe those tears honey.Tell me, what’s wrong?”my mum asked with concern taking her sit beside me.

I had no choice but to tell them everything about Phil not minding if there were so insecured of me being around guys.It was worth it anyway.I just wanted everything to be alright with him.

“He doesn’t deserve this”I muttered under my breath.
“Gosh,poor boy!Honey we really need to do something”
“We’ve heard everything you said and now,we’ll go see that friend of yours right away and of course he’s grandma.The old lady should need a good doctor now.I’ll call Doctor Ben right up but first do you know where he lives?”my dad asked putting his arms around me
“Wow!My dad’s really full of surprises”

“Y-yes.Britten hills Daddy”I said happily.
“Ah-hah!Just an hour’s drive…or two at least.Let’s go so we can beat traffic”he said making for the door.
“Are you serious dad?”I said with eyes wide-open.
“Did he just say that?”
“Anything for you darling.Everything will be just fine.Be thankful he’s got someone like you.I’m so proud of you baby”he said hugging me with pride.
“Aww!Thanks so much papa.I love you guys”I said hugging them both.

“Dad are we there yet?”I asked impatiently.
The drive was taking too long and It seemed it was going on forever.I can’t hold on much longer.

“He doesn’t deserve this at all”I muttered inside of me taking my head in my hands as I shook my legs uneasingly.
“Calm down baby.We’re almost there”my mum said soothingly.
“We are now!”
I heard my dad say.Before he could utter anythingelse,I rushed out of the car towards where I assumed was where he lived since technically,I wasn’t so sure of the exact building.
“I sure hope we’ve got the right one”I prayed in mind.

“I see you’re a lot fatter now puffy”a voice said from behind jerking me.

“Phil!Oh Phil!I’m so glad you’re okay”I sighed with relief hugging him.

I was worried sick about you.You shouldn’t have hung up on me like that.You almost made me have a heart attack”I chuckled clinging to him tightly not minding if my parents were anywhere near.

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“I just needed to be in his arms and his only.Can’t believe I’m saying that out loud”
“Calm down Puffy.I’m not dying,you know?”

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“Heh!You’re certainly not.You got me all worried,you know that?”I said still not letting go.
“Hang on!How are you here right now?Did you come all the way here just to see me?”he asked surprisingly pulling me backwards.

“Of course we did dum-dum”
“We?As in it’s just not you?”

“How come you were able to locate my house so easily and where are…”

“Shh!There’s no time to waste”I said dragging him by the jacket he had on.

“But Trish…”
“Trust me!I’ll explain on the way”I said dragging him towards where my dad’s car was packed.

“Trish,I don’t like this.Hope you’r not trying to kidnap me cause if you are,I won’t mind kicking that ass of yours”he said teasingly.

“Oh silly!Since when did you turn bad?”

“Well,since now.Hmmph!”
“Ohh shut up!Come along now.I want you to meet my parents”
“You say what now???”he yelled with fear in his eyes.

“Yes!Look!They’re over there by that car.You see them?”I said pointing towards where they were.

“Of course.I’m not blind”
“Yeah yeah!Whatever”I said sticking my tongue out on him.
“Hmm,what did I do?Am I in some kind of trouble?”he asked innocently.

“No silly.Don’t be such a scaredy cat and why the heck are you using a low tune?”
“Oh nothing”he chuckled slightly.

“There they are honey.My!You must be the handsome young lad my daughter’s being talking about.How are you dear?”
“I-I’m fine ma’am.Goodday Sir!Goodday ma!”he greeted politely bending forth in a more respectable way.

“I bet that got dad more”
“I’m Phillip Sir.Phillip Mac-Kenny”
“Hmm,Mackenny?That surname does sound familiar,right honey?”

“I bet they’re plenty of Mac-Kennies around”
“She’s right sir.We’ve got many scattered all around.It’s such an honour meeting you sir”
“The pleasure is ours son”
“Come on in Trish”he said leading the way.

“Told ya he was nice”I whispered in my mum’s ears as we followed behind.

His house wasn’t that big like ours but I loved it still.It had two worn out sofas and a small LED TV which was glued to the milk brick wall.To me,it looked perfect.

“Phillip!Phillip!Where are you?”I heard a faint voice call out from the corner of the living room.

“That must be his sick grams.Gosh!Poor lady.I bet she must be so worn out inside”
“Grams,we have a visitor”he said letting us into his grandma’s room which I guess was his too since I didn’t see any other entrance.

“Oh don’t look at me.I’ve got sharp eyes you know?Heh!”
“Whoa!His grandma isn’t anywhere near old.I bet she isn’t up to 60 yet…Oh my!”
“Mrs Hennia?”my parents gasped out with surprise
“Rayna!Silas!Is that really you?”Phil’s grams said sitting up slowly.

“Take it easy grams”Phil said reaching for her.

“Mum,dad,you guys know each other?”I asked looking transfixed

“Why of course.Isn’t this such a pleasant surprise”my mum said joyfully holding Mrs Hennia.

“It’s really a small world”I muttered unheard.

“Have you guys seen a doctor yet Phil?”

“Actually sir,we just got back some days ago”
“Got back?She ought to be there.She doesn’t look good to me”

“I know sir but we haven’t any money left so they let us leave and I’m not even certain the petty money I’m earning right now we’ll be able to buy her those expensive meds the doctors prescribed for her”
“You work?”I cut in surprisingly taking his hand in mine.

“Yeah!”he said winking at me.
“Phillip,have you given our guests something to eat?I think we have some leftovers stuck up inside the fridge”Mrs Hennia cut in.

“Oh no Mrs Hennia.Just a glass of water will do”my dad said.

“Are you sure Sir?”
“Yes son!You shouldn’t worry”
“I have something for you Trish but I won’t hand it over yet”he whispered as we moved towards the living room

“Aww!I love you”
“I can hear you”
“Shut up,you”I said giving him a naughty face.
“So sir,can you please tell me how you and my grandmother got to know each other?I mean,I’ve barely seen you around here”

“Well,you see son,I got to know your grams from a friend.A man named Pete if I could recall.Him and his wife used to come around most times back then but sadly,we lost contact and ever since then,I’ve never set my eyes on him.Guess he moved out though”

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“Pete?As in my dad?”he said with bewilderment.
“Your dad?You have got to be kidding me.Boy!You have grown so big”my dad said getting up from where he sat
“Honey,is he that little boy Rose and Pete usually brought over at our hotel whenever they came to see us?”

“Yes!He really is”my dad said joyfully hugging him.

“Heaven…Bless…My…Soul!”I said out loud putting my hands on my chest.

“If you don’t mind sir,are you the owner of Gravantees Ville?”
“We sure are.Trish never told you?”

“Not quite sir”he smiled faintly looking at me

“Oh-oh!I’m in big trouble”
“Do your parents live here too son or it’s just you and your nana?”

“It’s just us Sir.My parents died many years ago”
“Rose and Pete are dead?”my mum gasped out with astonishment.

“Ouch!I totally left that out.Why me?!”

“What happened to them?”my dad asked with astonishment.
“They died in a car crash when I was still young but that’s a thing of the past now Sir”he said wiping the little tears that were already dropping out from his eyes.

“Ohh,don’t be like that Phil”I said drawing closer.

“I’m sorry.I-I just can’t help it”
“This is the first time I’m ever feeling so remorseful like this.I can’t imagine losing dad and mum.I won’t be able to bear it either.Gosh!”

“Awe!Poor lad!”my mum said out patting him on his back.
“And all this time we thought you guys just left without even saying goodbye.Gosh!We’re so sorry Phillip”my dad apologised sorrowfully.

“I don’t blame you sir.Things went on really fast but it’s fine.I no longer feel it that much cause I know they’re in a better place now”
“Yeah.They really are.My!It’s almost 2:30.I better call Doctor Ben.He should be here any minute now”
“Oh no sir.You shouldn’t worry about us.We don’t want to bother you”

“Why,we insist dear”my mum chirped in
“Oh!Thank you Sir.Thank you so much.I’m really grateful”he said prostrating forward in a manner I’ve never seen before.
“It’s nothing son.Trish,come!”he called out to me.

We will be going now”
“Awe!Not yet daddy”
“Hah!Puffy!C’mon,I promise to come see you guys okay?”he said hugging me right in front of them.

“Not like it mattered though.I really needed this and I definitely didn’t want to let go.Not now!Not ever!Haha!”
“Phillip,are they

leaving?”Phillip’s grandma called out making us disentangle from each other.
“Yes Mrs Hennia.We’ll come see you again alright?”my mum cut in.

“Okay child.Drive safe”
“Phil,do see them off,will you?I’ll be fine here”

“Oh no Mrs Hennia.We can take it from here”my dad cut in.
“But first,I want you to have this”he said again handing out the bundle of cash he had in his hands.

“Oh gosh!This is far too much Sir.I can’t take it”he said politely.
“Wow!This guy’s really different.I bet if it was James,he would jump at anything in accepting such huge offer”

“No,please!I want you to have it all and if you ever need anything,don’t hesitate to call me okay?My wife and I will be right here when you need us”
“What’ you waiting for dum-dum?Take it”I smiled hitting his arms.

“Hah!Thank you sir.Thank you ma.We’re really grateful for everything”

“Thanks so much Silas.You don’t know how happy I am”

“Oh Mrs Hennia,you’re more than a family to us,remember?So there’s no need for that”my mum said hugging her gently.
“And one more thing Phil,do make sure you return back to school once the break is over.A fine man like you shouldn’t be found lurking around,you hear me?”

“Yes sir!”he said to him.
I’ll see you in school fatty”
“Ohhh!I’m definitely looking forward to that”I said happily hugging him again as we went out the front door.

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