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My Boss Wants Me🔞 – Episode 15 [Completed]

My Boss Wants Me🔞

My Boss Wants Me🔞

3years after…


Are you for real? ” I grinned

Sure babe we are going to Manila for this vacation trust me ” Xavier said, It’s always been my dream to walk in the street of that glorious city ..

Aww, I love you darling you made a right choice, I can’t wait to be there. I will explore everywhere ” I hugged him kissing him lightly.

I can’t breathe Jay release me ” he shouted as I quickly let go off him while he began laughing.

You don’t know how happy I am but we aren’t going with the kids ” I pouted

Of course not we will drop them at mum’s you know and after we are back , we will go for a family vacation. This one is just me wnd you, I missed us when we don’t have Janelle and Mico. Those time I can take you like right here but now those kids can show up at anytime” he sighed and I chuckled.

Like seriously they have really become an obstacle to our love but still they means a lot to us. I love them so much .

Janelle is our first child and she’s absolutely going to be 3 and Mico just turned one last month .

They are so disturbing like gosh!

Really? They are still your children right?” I asked laughing, the face he wore right now is so hilarious .

Babydoll I know but sometimes I wish they will be in school all time or something” he lay on the couch placing his head on my thigh. I began ruffling his hair making him groan

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“Mummy tell Mico to stop dragging my hair it hurts ” Janelle said entering the room as I sigh .

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Sorry princess, he’s still a kid ” I told her. She climbed into her dad and sat on him as he tickled her while she laughed. I don’t know why that little boy is extremely troublesome, I just hope he won’t take after his dad unlike Janelle who’s a replica of me. Doesn’t talk much and quite smart .

I need to go attend to him before he began crying” I said standing up

You love me more than mum right?” Xavier asked Janelle while I stopped to hear her response

Mum beats me all the time daddy” she said. Gosh ! I only lay my hands on her once and that was when she broke my expensive bracelet the very day I bought it. I was very angry that moment.l mean gosh it was so annoying thou I regretted it when she sobbed .

That means you love me more ” he said to her

I love you both daddy but I love mum most” I burst out laughing as I heard that . Even as she said I beat her she still chose me over him

Ouch that hurts ! You don’t love me ?” He asked the little girl who giggled

I folded my arms at the door watching their drama

” I love you dad ”

No get off me and I won’t bye you ice cream again only for Mico because he loves me more than mummy” he replied in a baby voice

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” Aww I love you Daddy more than mummy” Look how she changed her words because of ice cream

I shook my head at her and left the room .

God blessed me with them and I’m happy, happy that I’m with someone who loves me so much and happy to have a lovely family.

Mama” Mico called immediately he sighted me .

Hey boyfriend come here ” I took him and head to prepare his milk. I know he must be hungry .

“Why did you drag your sister’s hair?” I asked childishly while he stared at me giggling. Did he really knows what he’s doing to Janelle?

He cupped my face in his little hand before he began talking gibberish, I wish I understand what he’s saying.

Mmajfjjdkudhnsk” he kept saying non-stop as u was forced to laugh at what he’s saying.

I mean what language is he speaking? .

I can’t believe I said so too when I was his age . Quite funny

I’m so happy I don’t know how to actually express it .

My husband cherish me like I’m what matters to him till forever and my mother and sister In law?

In my next life I wish to be married into this very family again. They showered me love even when they know I was nothing but a commoner . What more can I ask for?

Indeed you have peace in your home when your husband’s people fall in love with you

The End
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