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My Boss And I – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

My Boss and I

My Boss and I

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Story Title: My Boss and I

Episodes: 4

Category: Romance

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Episode 1

To describe Akira as a flirt or tease would be an understatement. I think calling her a tart or a slut was a touch harsh and unkind. I had no choice but to refer to her as my sort of employer. I reported to her for day-to-day tasks, but I reported to her boss for more serious matters. We got along swimmingly in our own little area of the workplace, where we were the only two people who could do the job. Akira was attractive, a year or two older than I, blonde with a wonderful physique, pert tits, and long, slim, but shapely legs. She always wore figure-hugging dresses or short skirts with tight tops. She also wore nylons with really high heels all the time. She knew she looked fantastic, and everyone else in the building, male and female, did as well.

And I was sitting right next to her in the greatest seat in the house. She would not only tease the eyes, but she would frequently turn even the most mundane conversation into something erotic. Double entendres and provocative remarks used to make me laugh, blush, or cry. It wouldn’t be an ordinary day if she didn’t show me her stocking tops and cleavage. Her up skirt and down top stance was well-known at work, and I witnessed it firsthand. I think she got off on giving me an obvious hard on that I’d have a hard time hiding and then telling me to ‘get the teas in,’ so I had to stand up with my bulge in full view of her and I could hear her giggling as I awkwardly went away to bring the teas in.

Fridays were either the worst or the best, depending on how I saw it. Friday was casual day for most people, but it was formal day for Akira. Her weekly outfits were tempting, but modest, and she wore black, grey, or tan stockings. She made an effort to stand out from the crowd on Fridays. She had to have stockings in every color of the rainbow and beyond. She wore bright red, yellow, purple, and even orange stockings frequently, and I would fantasize about her all weekend, tugging at my cock as I imagined her in the seductive outlandishly colored nylons, but one Friday she went above and above.

When she strolled in dressed in the shortest blue tartan pleated skirt, tight blue blouse, and electric blue nylons, I was already set at my computer working. I felt my cock rapidly harden as she sat down, and as she crossed her legs, I noticed the darker banding of her stocking tops. Her pert tits were capped by her erect nipples peeping through her thin top, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. After a minute or so of trying to disguise my erection and blushes, I remarked, “They’re bright even for you Akira.” Her loose breasts wobbled in front of me as she laughed, making me throb even harder. “I’m going out after work, and the theme is from the 1980s.” “Are you not going to come?” Her double entendre was nearly apt.

“No, I wasn’t aware of that. I’m already overworked!” I lied to you. In a way, yes. I’d be too preoccupied with jerking off over Akira. “”It’ll be fun!” she exclaimed. There were a lot of women dressed up like this. Get the teas in and be a luv!” She grinned as she placed a pound on my desk. I was skilled at getting the teas in, whereas Akira was the master or mistress of teasing. My stiff cock was straining through my jeans as I stood up. “I’ll take a big one please!” she exclaimed as she stared at it and then at me. As I walked away uncomfortably as usual, she laughed.

Just before 2pm Akira just out of her seat making her short skirt flap up in front of me, blue stocking tops in full view. “I got a meeting until half past. Get the teas in for when I get back luv!” Just before half two I went for the teas and caught site of the woman in blue walking towards the stairs back to our office. As I climbed the steps I looked upwards and almost dropped the teas. I saw directly up Akira’s short skirt. I saw her stocking tops, thighs and her bare cheeks and plump, smooth, naked pussy lips. She wasn’t wearing any knickers.

My cock once again stiffened immediately and I saw Akira turn her head, look down and saw me looking up. A broad smile on her lips. At the top she stopped and waited for me, giving me a prolonged view of her in her naked glory. I was amazed I made it to the top of the stairs as it felt like all the blood in my body had either flowed to my face or cock. “Is that mine? Thanks!” She said taking one of the cups. “You ok? You look a little flushed! It is a shame you’re not coming, out later!” We walked back to our desks and I tucked myself under the desk as my cock continued to throb harder and harder. Fuck this woman has no boundaries I thought as her stocking tops were on view again and nipples poked almost painfully through her top. A minute to four Akira turned off her PC and turned to me. “Right I’m off to have some fun! Have a nice evening and weekend and I’ll see you Monday! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!” She left me thinking that what she wouldn’t do would be a very short list.

I got home around 5pm and wanked for an hour thinking about Alison, her stockings and her naked pussy and bum. I came hard squirting a huge load over a picture on my PC of a woman in electric blue stockings. Just before 12 o clock I was about to switch off my computer and go to bed when I got a friend request on Facebook from Akira Roger. I accepted and waited to see if there was a message. It didn’t take long for one to come through.

“Hi Rck! You missed a good night!”

“Hi Akira! Glad you had fun!”

“God I’m so pissed! What you been doing all night? Being boring or keeping busy?”

“Keeping busy doing stuff!”

“I bet! Bet you been thinking about my little secret! Lol!”

Fuck. Did she know I’d seen her? I grabbed my cock which was getting hard again.

“I know your BIG secret Rick! I bet it’s big right now! Did you like what you saw? I did BIG style!”

Christ! She knew. She even knew what I was doing now. I pumped harder.

“You’re drunk Akira! Time for bed!”

“Bore! Sweet dreams then! Dream of me while you’re doing it! Nite!”

I went to bed and knocked out another two before falling asleep thinking of Akira’s beautiful bum and pussy.

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