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My Best Friend My Love – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 16]

My Best Friend My Love

My Best Friend My Love

lectures and asked if I had a lecture that morning; I didn’t even know. I had completely forgotten that I was a student and had lectures that day. My phone was also off, so even if Rabby had tried to reach me to ask if I was going for the class, her call wouldn’t come true. I jumped out of bed upon realizing that, washed up and left to my room while he left for class. On our way out of his room, we saw Jide come out of his room and I waved at him. He smiled and told me made a signal that he was going to call me; Stanley didn’t see all that, he was in such a hurry that he just ignored Jide when he saw him.

So, I got to my room afterwards, and then I charged my phone and saw Rabby’s messages. She was so worried about me and had already left for class, thinking that I wasn’t going to make it and so she stated that she would let me know if anything came up and also sign the class attendance for me if need be.
Reading her messages made me realize I could at least skip class for the day because she had promised to cover for me; so instead of dressing up, I just jumped onto my bed and watched a movie, ‘bad moms.’ It was funny and I laughed and enjoyed every bit of it. I was so happy and glad that I was finally back with the love of my life.

After watching the movie, I felt so hungry so I went out to get breakfast at a food joint on campus and there, I met my new friends that made my normal life on campus take a different turn and in the end, I lost myself and everything I loved.

To be continued…….

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