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My Adventure With Sikiru, The Okada Man – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

Sikiru The Okada Man

Sikiru The Okada Man

My adventures with Sikiru, the Okada rider started innocently enough. While returning from work one fateful evening, my car broke down and all efforts I made to at least have it take me home that night proved abortive. I called my mechanic who did everything he knew how to make the car move but my car was not ready to sleep at home that night. “aunty, we go leave the car here o!’ my mechanic declared ‘you know say we no fit push automatic and na tomoro I go fit buy an fix wetin spoil inside’ ‘okay’ I sad I had to lock up and leave the car where it was and was left with no choice but to take the popular okada home since my fiancé had travelled some days earlier and would only be returning that night. It was already dark and almost 8pm by the time we finished arrangement to leave the car where it was. I called a passing okada rider and while we were going, I noticed him pushing back at my ample bo*obs, trying to push back at my crotch. I pretended not to notice but when he continued, my nip*ples became taut and stood erect. I couldn’t hold it anymore after some time and pushed back at his back, moving closer to him on the okada so as have more friction on my boo*bs. My pantyless pu*ssy was dripping wet and hot. The okada suddenly stopped at a bushy lonely stretch of the road and the okada man said something was wrong with the machine. He started fiddling with it and I just stared at his crotch which had a noticeable bulge. I couldn’t resist any longer and just grabbed his hands and put it on my exposed thighs, I was wearing a mini length lycra skirt. Exactly what he had been waiting for! As he pulled up my skirt and pushed his fingers into my sopping wet pu*ssy, fingering me and finger fuc*king me deeply. I pushed back on his finger leaning on the okada and moaning loudly like the s–t I was. He pulled out my bo*obs and started s—–g on them one after the other. I pulled down his shorts and one of the biggest c—s I had ever seen sprang free!!!! I gasped and c-m loudly from the mere sight of that c–k. I quickly opened my bag, brought out a cd and encased his c–k with it. Then turned and presented my glistening wet pu*ssy to him doggy, holding on tightly to the okada , bending my waist and raising my pu*ssy as high as I could. He didn’t hesitate as he quickly shoved all that cockmeat into my hungry pu*ssy, pushing it all in at once while grabbing and squeezing my bo*obs for all it was worth from behind. I moaned loudly and pushed back at him, meeting him stroke for stroke and wanting it all!!! He fu*cked me like a real s–t, banging into me hard and fast and not sparing my hanging bo*obs by fondling them hard and squeezing my erect nip*ples, bringing tears of pleasure to my eyes. I moaned in pleasure, not minding the glare of oncoming vehicles’ headlights occasionally lighting us up like a stadium, making it obvious to all and sundry what we were doing. Okada man just banged away, oblivious of the havoc he was causing in my oliver twist pus*sy. He fuc*ked me for over twenty minutes and I had c-m after c-m until he grunted and gave a mighty shove spilling his seed into the rubber encasing his c–k. He pulled out, removed and threw way the cumfilled cd then pulled up his shorts while I pulled down my skirt and rearranged my bo*obs in my blouse.
My pus*sy was hot and wet with several c-m, flowing pu*ssy juices. I stood aside waiting for him to finish the repairs for us to leave but to my surprise, he got on his bike, kicked it started and told me to climb on. I asked if the bike was okay and he said yes, that he parked because we both wanted a fu*ck. We both laughed it off and he told me his name was Sikiru, gave me his number and that I should feel free to call on him whenever I needed servicing. It was a slutty thing to say to a lady but I don’t deceive myself, I know am far from a lady, I’m a s–t. Sikiru dropped me off at the junction to my house and after paying him ( with him squeezing my bo*obs in the process) I walked home, thinking of the fu*ck I just had, the size of his c–k and dreamily imagining when next I would have to feel that wonderful c–k again in my constantly aching pu*ssy. I got home, showered, made dinner and showered again. About forty five minutes after my arrival home, James drove in and I welcomed him with open arms, my pus*sy once again wet at the thought of fuc*king my loving fiancé. While making love, he asked how I had been coping without him for the past three days and I smiled demurely, thinking of the raunchy se*x I had just had with sikiru, okada man. If only he knew………

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