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My Admirer – Season 2 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5

🍃 Richard🍃

Oh God!


Not again, I can’t loose Claire not for anything in the world.

I ran out of the house searching every nork and cranny of the place but I

didn’t see her, she shouldn’t do something stupid not now.

I waited till late in the night there was no break light of Claire, I tried

her number but she isn’t picking up.

Claire didn’t come back that day but the following morning I woke up to see

the room empty and tattered.

Claire’s belongings were missing meaning that she has gone back to the

state without telling me.


🍃 Claire 🍃


I came back to the house, it was so quiet and lonely looks like Richard is

asleep already, I tiptoed into the house and saw him sleeping on the sofa

maybe he was waiting for me

“Hmm poor thing “I said and walked down to him, I carried his legs from the

floor and placed it well on the sofa, I went to my room and packed all my

belongings going back to the state isn’t a problem to me because I have

booked a flight already.

After packing everything I tiptoed out of the house closing the door



Once he wakes up he will realize that I am gone, I can’t face him not after

fooling me he should not expect me jumping on him just because I love him.

He must pay for fooling me and hurting me through out this years.


Months later




The last day I saw Claire was the night she knew my identity, since that

night till now I haven’t seen nor heard from her again.

Months back I thought she went back to their house but she didn’t go there,

I have been searching for her like ages now and no one knows of her where


I can’t focus on my business, everything I do and think is all about

Claire, I know Claire wanted me to suffer for causing her pains and fine

she won already because I can’t think straight my mind, my heart and my

head is calling out her name.


2 years later

I went back to my Normal self, I started life afresh hoping that fate will

eventually draw us together but I was wrong because it didn’t I think we

are not meant to be.

I came in contact with a colleague of mine in the company, we were friends

at first but one things leads to the other we started dating and we get so

used to each other that we can’t bear to be separated.

I thought that this is my fate, I have to spend the rest of my life with

Mira, we planned for our wedding and everything went as planned.


I was invited to a friend’s bachelors eve

because he is also getting married, so he wanted me to be his best man, I

agreed because that is what friends do.


At the wedding

the groom was welcomed inside and the next person was the bride

I didn’t even dream that in my wildest life my friends fiancee will be my

life time crush the person that makes life difficult for me, I search every

where looking for her but here she is about getting wedded.

I tried controlling my happiness, because finally I have found her but at

the other hand what is the use of seeing her, she is another man’s woman, I

can’t have her.

I was still thinking and pondering over my emotions when she stopped in

front of me

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out because I didn’t

have anything to say.


when I thought that my life will take a new turn, that I will be able to

forget my past and move on eventually everything came back all at once.

Setting my eyes on Richard gave me a reason to smile, my belly tightened

and butterflies jumped up in joy, I couldn’t held my joy, I couldn’t

continue the wedding.

I turned to my life saver John, when I was so broke and wanted giving up

hope, John was always there for me he gave me every reason to live bur

right now I can’t think straight and I don’t want to know what is right and

what is wrong.

I just want to be with my happiness, my life time crush.

“My admirer “I said and hugged him tightly to my self.

Even when the whole congregation shouted out, I paid no attention to them.

“I am so sorry John but I belong to my crush “I said hugging him



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