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My Admirer – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4


🍃 Richard🍃

I woke up very late, I had this body weakness as if I was wrestling in the

dream and my neck aches badly.

I stood up staggering inside the bathroom, I washed my face and I was

relieved a bit, I came out to see that my door wasn’t lock, I went and

closed it properly.

I need to take a shower before going down, I wrapped a towel on my waist

and entered the bathroom switching on the shower, the cold water cascaded

on my bare skin after some minutes I was done,immediately I came out a call

entered my phone.


I rushed to where it was and picked it up, it was my assistant calling me

“Hello “I said angrily

“Boss there is a problem “he said through the phone

“What problem could it be that it can’t wait and you can’t take care of it?

“I asked angrily

“Boss I sent you a message the first time, you received it but you didn’t

call back “he said at once

“Message? What message are you talking about and who received it because I

didn’t “I said yelling

“Boss it showed that you received the message, The biggest share older in

the company want to have a meeting with you in person “he said

“Didn’t You tell him that it is not possible? “I asked angrily

“Boss please calm down, I told him but he said that if you are not here by

weekend he will redraw he shares to other companies “he said

“Ok, I will take care of this “I said and hanged up the phone


He said a message was sent to me and it was also received, I didn’t receive

or see any text who could have seen the text

“Wait, let it not be true that what I am thinking is the truth “I said to

my self

Immediately my door was opened

“Wow wow wow, congratulations Richard or should I say Richy”Claire’s voiced

out angrily

“Claire what is happening? “I ask pretending to know nothing about what she

is saying

“Stop the pretense please “she yelled walking towards me

“Claire please, I didn’t get what you are insinuating “I said walking


“Don’t play dump with me, haven’t you notice that someone read your text

already? “She ask and smirked

“Which message?”I asked back




This guy can really pretend maybe acting will suit him so well

“Quit the lies already,years back you came into my life, you occupied

every space in my life but at the end what did you do? You left me broken,

you chose that slut over me and now you came back acting all nice and cool,

you even went to the extent of faking your personality and come to think of

it, this isn’t your face maybe you have faked it”I said with tears dropping


“Claire please I can explain please just give me a chance please”he said

coming close to me..


“You said that you can explain and what can you possibly explain tell me,

you asshole tell me already”I said hitting him with all my strength

“Claire I have always loved and cherish you but I was too young and stupid

back then that I took your love for granted please forgive me, let’s talk

this out please “he said coming close to me

” Don’t touch me and I don’t want to hear anything that comes from your

lieing tongue, just let me be already “I said and ran out.

Out of the house, I took to my heels running to anyway my legs could carry

me, I don’t know exactly where I am going but I just wanna run away from

the pains, from the lies and pretense.




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