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My Admirer – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3




I was so tired and weak after cleaning the whole house, cooking and

fetching water.

I took my bath and serve Claire the food to eat but she was staring at me

once again

Not now please because I am not ready for her questions

I hurriedly dish into my food and some minutes later I was done with mine I

stood up to pack the plate but Claire’s food was still untouched, I dropped

down my plate and settled back on the chair

“Claire what is the problem, why is your food still untouched, don’t you

like it or should I prepare you something else or place an order? “I asked


“No Richard, I love the food because it is my favorite dish “she answered

staring into my eyes

“Really? “I asked smiling, I know very well that she loves the food because

that is always her favorite but I pretended.


“Richard “she called me and that instant my phone rang and it happens to be

my dad himself

I didn’t want to answer it but at the same time I don’t want to give Claire

a reason of suspicious

“Hello dad “I said calmly

“Richy where in god’s name are you and why are you abandoning the company?

“My dad asked yelling through the phone

“I am so sorry dad, I will fix everything once I am back please just give

me another month “I said hoping he ends the call but it gets worse because

my dad brought up another topic, I didn’t have a choice but to hanged up


🍃Claire 🍃


Something isn’t right about this, first Richard acted like my crush, he

dresses like him, he talks like him and now he even cooks my favorite dish

meat balls with mash potatoes or am I hallucinating?

And what will he take care of once he gets back, I must find out the

answers to my questions all by my self.

I waited for him patiently to finish answering the call

“Claire I am exhausted, I need to take a nap “Richard said and made to walk

away but I decide asking him my troubling questions

“Richard who told you what my favorite dish is? “I asked my eyes piercing

into his

“Hmm, no one I also like the food “he answered forcing a smile

“Really? “I asked

“Yea, see you later “he said and walked away

I ate my food silently and cleared the table, I need a rest also, I walked

to my room passing through Richard’s passage but his door was left a little

open, I peeped through it, his phone was ringing but he was already asleep,

I tiptoed inside to check who the caller is but before getting close to the

phone the call as ended already

I dropped the phone turning back but a message popped in immediately



I stopped breathing only my eyes made a move, there were blinking non stop,

God is this a dream?

“Why did richy lied to me, he pretended to be a random guy searching for a

job, and that’s my crush’s name but his face is different.

I couldn’t held the tears that kept falling drop after drop until it became

like a flood, I returned back to my room crying my self to sleep.

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