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My Admirer – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 5]

My admirer

My admirer

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Story Title: My Admirer (+19)

Episodes: 5


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Episode 1




After cleaning and applying everything on the wound I plastered it before I

finished it Claire was already sleeping peacefully, she looks so beautiful

even in her sleep dried tears were seen on her face and her hair scattered

covering half of her face.

“Should I take her to her room? Maybe I should just let her sleep here “I

said to my self.


I tidied up the place and returned the box to her room, I came back and

carried her carefully making sure that nothing comes in contact with the

wounded place, I placed her gently on the sofa

“I will watch over her still she wakes up “I told my self retrieving my

phone from my pocket, I think my phone will keep me company till she wakes



Hours later, she started moving and jerking

“What is wrong with her? “I asked my self

I stood up running to her she is calling someone’s name but no matter how I

tried so hard to understand what she was saying I still couldn’t hear her

“Is she traumatized by some bad memories? “I asked my self

She was saying something and tears dropped from her eyes

I held her hands tightly trying to calm her down

“You don’t have to cry dear, I am here for you, I am back to stay and I

won’t leave you again never please come back to me “i said squeezing her

hands and she became calm, she slowing opened her eyes




I opened my eyes to meet Richard’s eyes on me and his hand held mine

“What happened? “I asked him

“Nothing is just that you had a nightmare so I helped you out “Richard

answered trying to redraw his hand from mine but I didn’t let him do that.


“Richard I had a dream but someone said something to me were you the person

that talked to me? “I asked him hoping he says he is the one

“no I only held your hands to calm you, I didn’t say anything to you but I

tried understanding you when you were talking in your dreams but I couldn’t

get you and you cried “Richard said sharply

“But why did I hear someone talk to me? the voice was so clear and it was

like yours “I tried convincing my self that he should be my crush..


^Richard ^


I can’t tell her the truth, who knows what she might do the next minute,

she might beat the living day light out of me and send me packing, I can’t

take that I don’t want to loose her again not now, I won’t be able to take

the pains I know I have hurt her and I will never do it the second time

again I must make sure that she falls in love with me all over again, she

must not know its me.



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