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My Admirer – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5



Claire looks so sad and sick, is she sad or what?

“Miss Claire? Are you okay? “I asked touching her forehead

“What is wrong with the miss Claire thing? “She asked instead

“Oh I am sorry Claire “I apologize

“its ok, I am fine”she answered

“You don’t look fine to me, your body temperature is high and you are

shivering at the same time you are burning up “I said getting afraid

“Don’t worry I am fine “she managed to say

“Really? You are fine? I am not taking that from you, I am calling the

doctor right away so give me your doctor’s digit “I said bringing out my





I don’t want any doctor coming here, I came here to cool my nerves and not

to be hold down on the sick bed.


I need to do something, I really need to distract Richard from collecting

the doctor’s number, but what should I do?

“Richard please I don’t need a doctor please, I am allergy to drugs please

don’t call the doctor “I said pouting

“So what is your plan? Will you be okay if I let you be? “He asked me with

a serious face

“Yes I will, a little massage with warm water can do the work, so let me do

it “I said trying to stand to my feet but I loss balance and fell but

luckily for me I was caught by Richard, we stared into each others eyes and

something kept drawing me closer to him for God sake this is my assistant

and not some random guy.


I don’t do my workers never, but his eyes is telling me something

different, they look so familiar and so emotional, what could be going

through his mind now?

Is he feeling the same way? Is this a mutual feelings? I am so hot inside

me the chemistry between us reminds me of my crush my one time crush that

took my heart away, he made me heartless “I thought to my self

“Claire? Are you okay? “Richards voice came through

“Uhummm… Yea… I. Am”I said stammering

“Are You sure because the expression on your face suddenly turned cold, sad

and confused, is there anything I should know? Who knows I might have a

solution or some advice “he said and smiled

“Oh god not again, his smile is always cute this guy really always reminds

me of my crush “I said to my self looking at his every move.




But why did she suddenly turned cold, is there anything that is bothering


She looked at me so suspiciously as if something is trying to tell her some

thing about me, I hope I am safe.

“Let me go get you the water with towel “I said letting go of her waist

I came back minutes later with the water and she insisted on massaging her


For Christ sake who does that?

I decided to let her do it her own way but some minutes later she started

screaming, I ran back to see her holding her leg

“What is wrong with you? “I asked

“Get me the first aid box please “she yelled

“Ok “I answered running and I later remembered that I don’t know where it

is, I turned running back to her

“Claire where is the first aid box? “I asked she was shedding tears already

and her face was red like tomatoes, the water must have pierced her skin


“Richard please hurry, it’s in the drawer in my room “she said amidst tears

I took to my heels and return like a flash with the box and knelt down

blowing air to it, her legs was torn because she rubbed it when the water

touched her, I clean it with spirit first and she scream in pains, I made

sure that I applied every thing I saw in the box, I don’t know what I am

applying but all what I know is that it will help her.




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