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My Admirer – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4



I looked everywhere for Claire but I couldn’t find her so I decided to

check outside.

I saw her standing all alone , she was staring into space

“What is wrong with her? Why is she out in this cold? “I asked no one

I walked back and redraw my jacket heading out, I need to cover her if she

is sad about anything that doesn’t give her the guarantee to stand out

without covering up her self.


She might catch flu or cold, and something worse and unexpected can happen

since I don’t know much about her body.

I covered her with the jacket, she was shivering already

“Thanks “she said looking at me

“You are welcome, we need to get inside the house before you blacked out,

you need a hot coffee”I told her and pulled her to my self, she remained

calm without arguing till we reach the cottage.


I gave her a hot coffee to drink but she acted funny, what’s the problem? I

asked my self.




Richard every move makes me remember my crush but Richard is a different

person, the coffee he gave me also tastes like his

Oh God what is happening to me? Why is the memory coming back.



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