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My Admirer – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]

My admirer

My admirer

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Story Title: My Admirer (+19)

Episodes: 5


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Part 1



Episode 1


Hey man! Why is my heart always beating when ever I see you, what the hell

did you do to me?

My head is always spinning anytime I set my eyes on you but you are not

telling me what I wanna know, have you heard about me?

Have anyone told you that I can be messy whenever I choose to? Every one

knows about Claire Salazar and they talk about her don’t they? Claire

yelled at the cute innocent guy looking at her all through her ranting and

mouth battling


Am so sorry miss but I am ignorant of what you are accusing me of, I mean

we just met I don’t know you and you don’t know me either am just confused

of all the accusations Ricky voiced out for the first time


So you can talk, I thought you were deaf and dump but now you are not only

talking but you talk back at me and challenge me.

Who the Fuck are you to talk when I am talking you dumb ass ?

Believe me when I say I will beat you up, I will beat you up trust me I

don’t throw an empty threat even with all your well built muscles, biceps

mirage, triceps and abbs you are still no much for me.

You are cute though but I will still beat and change your pretty face

because you don’t deserve that face, you know why?

Because you are too cute to have such face

Claire said chuckling


I can see your problem, you are jealous because I am pretty than you are

and its seems like your father’s money has gotten into your head but let me

tell you

I know and understand what you are trying to do but I am so sorry because I

am not your spec, try finding yours. Ricky said disgustingly and tried

walking away but Claire pounced on him immediately and pushed him down with

his back on the floor and she jumped on his body sitting on his tummy and

beating him like drums, she made sure that his pretty face was worst than a

zombie, after the beatings she stood up and gave him a hard kick on his

groins and he screamed out in pain raising a protective hand to prevent

it from getting kicked again.

“Serves you right you asshole, no body messes with me “Claire said and

walked past him leaving him to his fate


“I can’t believe that she just finish beating me, she is still strong and

beautiful as always

I need to call an ambulance, the pains is too much “Ricky said and made a

few calls


Minutes later, he was rushed down to the hospital and all through the

scenario Claire was watching his every move, I immediately he was taken by

the ambulance Claire’s car trailed behind.


An hour later, she went into the hospital to ask about Ricky but she was

denied assess into entry his ward but she didn’t give up hope she tried

giving patience a chance although she was already losing it because Ricky’s

ward was been guided by some securities but she didn’t wait for so long

because two of the men left leaving only one behind and unfortunately for

him Claire knocked him out and entered inside.


Ricky’s face was all covered with bruises of different sizes and types

“I am so sorry “Claire said to the lifeless body on the bed feeling so

guilty for beating him up to the point of death

“I didn’t mean to go this extent but you pushed me, I don’t know who you

are or what you do to me all what I know is that I don’t like what I feel

when ever I am close to you, I am sorry and get well soon, but you should

always pray never to fall into my bad side because if you do I will still

beat you up ”

Claire said and stood up walking up to the door she glanced back at the

body on the bed and went out.




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