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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 8

She talked about fashion to the extent i was just quiet & listening.

The girl is good about fashion & style. I was still looking for the
best was to get a shagg from her. So i asked her if she can put on
top the exposes her b:reast. She smiled and said no. I asked her
why. She said that she like it and will like to wear it but cos of the
shape & size of her booobs she doesnt wear it. She told me that
not that it wont fit her but somehow her breasst will lose it‘s
beauty. Well whatever that meant i dont know, i didnt even ask her
to exlain cos an idea has strucked mind. I told her to stand up.

She asked me why. I told pleasee, just do that for me. She said
okay and stood up. I told her to turn round a little.

She shook her
head and said okay. She turned round. I didt say anything. I was
just looking at her. I moved my eyes from her leg slowly to her
head. She said, what? I didnt answer her, she was still standing. I
stood up went to her back, no smile on my face.

She turned and
said, guy u r making me uncomfortable again.

I tryd to make her
see the hunger in me through my eyes. I stood in her front. Looked
deep into her eyes and said in my best romantic voice with a little
bit of baritone. Baby u r just so beautiful. Little smile apeared on
her face. I continued, ur mum must be a queen.

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She smiled broadly
and i threw my last game card. Honey come to me please. Let me
hold his well created body in my arms. She looked up to me, her
face changed and i threw my hands forward waiting for her to
come in…

She looked at me with her sweet loving face. I took a step closer to
her. She silently came into my arm & i held her like a child that is
being held by a loving father. I pulled up her face to meet mine. I
spoke again in my baritone & romantic voice (new style that i just
learnt). I v been tryn to resist this, but there is a force around u
that kept drawing me to u. Baby who can resist this sU-Cklent lips
of urs. She turched her lips as if she wants to know if it is suclent
or not. I told her. Please hold me tight. She held me tight & my
pen.nis was geting up slowly. I started touching her hair. She
breathed & swallowd hard, then i knew that i was gettn her to play
my game & dance my music. I kept runing my hand on her hair
while my J0yst!ck has started touching her. I didnt want to touch her
butt cos i dont want to scare her. So i said to her, sweet heart lets
dance. She asked me what. When she asked me that i discovered
that her voice was shaking. And i know what that means. I pecked
her forehead and said into her right ear. Let us dance the music
that our heart beat is playing. She placed her head on my chest.

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I had this feeling that it has been long since she was held last by a
man. I pulled up her head. Kissed her forhead again.

Then kissed her left & right cheek. Her eyes closed as i drop my lips on her

When our lips met, she didnt open her lips to recieve mine. I
kissed her closed lips and sU-Cked it. I sU-Cked it again and moved
my hand from her hair to her back. As my finger traced her back
bone she opend her mouth pushed out her tongue to recive my
sweet loving kiss. When her tongue got into my mouth i knew for
sure that this girl is a good kisser becuase she started doing
wonders with her tongue in my mouth. My left hand moved slowly
to her butt. I pushed so her close to my private area so that her
private arena can feel the plesure from the rope under my trouser.
I moved my hand back to her chest & sqeezd her br;east. She
m0and and pushed me away. She went to that sit again and sat
down. I still stood where i was looking at her cos i am kind of
confused. She shook her head and said something that i didnt hear
but it sounds like a swear word. She looked at me with fire of lust
in her eyes. She stood up again and rushed me with speed of a
vampire. Chai!!!! I have not seen this type before oh. She came to
me. Started kissing me furiously. Truely i was now the one doing
the responding. She was kissing my hand, my face, my ears. She
took my hand placed one on her bum side and one on her arsse.
She was like as if she is tryn to climb me. Oh gawd this is good
but too fast for my style. But who am i to complain. I wastryn very
hard to meet up with her romance tempo. U know she is from the
portable specie so handling her or bringing her to order wunt be a
big deal. The kissing was getin faster and hoter.

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