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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 7

We started kissing and romancing. I took hold of her b.reast and
began to mold it. She was m0an!ng so much and i like her
m0an!ng. I pulled up her skirt and traced my hand to her
womanliness she m0aned a little louder. My hand was going
deeper inside her pot and she was lifting up her leg. She started
quivering and shivering and i stoped and asked her to sU-Ck me.

She went down to my bingo and put into her mouth and began to
sU-Ck me. As she was sU-Cking me i was touching her head
scattering it. When my build up was about coming she stoped and
came back we continued kiising and romancing. I placed my head
inside her cleavage and liked that centre. I took hold of her
b0s0ms with my hand, joining the two mountains together and
using my right finger to tease the two n.iplles. she was m0an!ng
and as i was doing that i saw Ese coming. When ese opened her
curtain and walked in. she saw us but u don’t think she was
suprided. I could nt stop because this girl is sending messages to
my brain through my ese brought out my text book droped it
slowly on the floor. Winked to me and locked the door for us. this
girl didn’t even know what wass happening so i carried her to bed
pulled off all she wore. Buried my head inside her womanliness.

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she was lifting her legs higher and higher until i directed my J0yst!ck
inside her. she wrapped her legs round my back while i pound
her. she was so strong, i mean strong. As i pump faster she
responded faster. She used her hand to hold the foam edge. She
was really m0an!ng louder and louder.


i love this. Fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr deepereeeeeeeeeeee……

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i kept bleeping her until she held my waist so tight and began to
wind faster and faster until but of us exploded and all the papd
inside me went into her sweet toto. I collapsed on the bed. Turned
my head towards her. all her ugliness have disappeared and i felt
like bleeping her one more time.

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I looked at tosin she was still silent the air among us hung. One
could actually touch the tickness of the air if the person tries. So i
open my mouth and said to tosin. Baby u r uncomfortable. She
cleard her throat without smiling and said u cousd it. U made me
uncomfortable and i dont even know if i should go and stay. I
doubt if my legs could carry me when i stand up.

I smiled in my
heart and said to her. Am sorry i never meant to but i couldnt help
but tell her how i feel about u. She cleard her throat again. As she
did that, i rememberd our former president OBJ who clearing of
throat was (is) his selling point. She said if i tell u that i dont like u
then am lyn. From the time u walked in that day i kind of wished to
be with u. But it is too early for us to start anything serious. I like
u & i mean it. I will like to be ur friend but not ur girl friend. I said
thank u for accepting to be my friend. U v done me a great good
for this thank u. As i was saying this. I was tryn to work out plan
on how to make us at least kiss. I started small talks that has
nothing to do with man/woman relationship.

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I told her about
recreation club & from there we moved into discusn fashion. She
told me that she loves fashion. She now told me thats why she
dresses the way she does. Truelly i love her sense.

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