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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 6

Taaaaa!!!! Na there you miss the girl. Cos of that now the girl will
start to bang another guy, your close friend.

You will be dyn of
jealous. And you no go fit complain because shebi she be your
sister and sister don bleep brother… so when she asked me that
question i had to be careful in answering it.

I smiled to buy a little
time for myself. She was looking at me with some kind of
expectation and i was thinking very fast. I stood up from the sit
where i was sitted and took like five steps towards the tv. Placed
my hands on my chest. Trying to act like one movie celebrity.

I turned back slowly and captured her eyes. I could read her face,
she was indecisive. Any answer i give her now will define our
relationship. I turned back again. And backed her. not cos i was
shy nor i was afraid she will say no to what i was about to tell her,
but cops i want her to make her decisions. I want her dig her own
grave. I want her not to be intimidated by eyes nor by my aura.

I started reading poem to her. when i left in nsukka two days ago
coming, coming to lagos. I never knew that gawd has a good
futune waiting for me right inside this room.

Immediately i steped
into this house and set my eyes on you. I know that you are the
girl for me. You are the girl that will restore my lost joy. She asked
me how did i lose my joy. I sighed and said. I just lost my girl

I just lost my childhood sweet heart. She asked me what
happened? i told her that she left me for another man.

Tosin chuckled and said if she loves me and i love her, that she will
come back to me. I turned and tokd her no, no, no. she cant come
back. Tosin asked me why? I told her cos she has gottn married.

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She just wedded two weeks ago. I looked at her face, i saw that
she is either pitying me or that she is already considering my yet
to be well directed proposal. But one thing i will never tell tosin is
that i love her. i went to where she was sitted and stretched out
my hands, she was reluctant in taking them.

I took hold of her two
hands and said to her. every part of my body need you even now.
Tosin opened her mouth and closed it her face went down and
came up with a face that i couldn’t read.
I was confused because i don’t know what she has in mind. Her
face really became expressionless and i didn’t like that one bit.

She removed her hand from mine. Tried to talk again but she
couldn’t talk still. I left her and back to my sit, i thrown the bomb
now is time for me to wait and watch to see the effect. I was
watching to see if it will devastate my enemies and give me their
territory or if it will backfire and destroyed my reputation (if i really
had any). As i was looking at tosin the palour became awkward.

That is what oyibo people call awkward moment.

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It reminded me
what i taught to be my final encounter with that ugly girl in my
sister’s former hostel. 3days after she caught debby and i in their
room. I went to look for one of my class mates. The girl was with
one of my text books so i went to her lodge to collect it.

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Unfortunately or fortunately for me, when i got there i saw that
ugly girl sitting in the girls room. I actually met her outside, i mean
my class mate and she told me to give her few minutes that she is
coming. She told me that i should go inside her room and wait. So
i walked into that place and saw they ugly girl with fine set of
teeth. I didn’t know if i shuld go back or go fully in. she had seen
me even before i saw her. she smiled with that sweet looking set
of teeth and said, pinky come in. i walked in and sat down on the
reading sit. I dint know what to say but i was not afraid of her tryn
her tricks here. So she saw that i was not laughing and that i
didn’t even greet her. two of us just sat that without talking to
each other. I couldn’t even look at where she was sitting. As my
class girl dosnt have tv i didn’t know if i should look down or look
up. I know i couldn’t start a conversation with her. The moment
was so awkward until she broke the dead luck.

This is the same the situation i find myself with tosin right now.

Back to the ugly girl incident. I bent down my head on the table i
saw the shadow of the girl went outside then in less than 1minute
she came back instead of going back to the bed she came to
where i was and started touching my back. When she touched my
back i didn’t say anything but held her hand and took it out of my
back. Then i sat up she bent down and kissed my forehead. I kind
of liked the softness of her lops on my forehead. I swallowed very
hard. She went back to the door. As i watch her go there i
discovered that she has a very wonderful hips and waist that i
have not noticed before. her steps where graceful. I don’t know if
what i was seing is real or fake but all i know is that some
s£nsat!on ran through my brain down to my waist region. She
asked me if i have come to fvck Ese. I didn’t say anything. She
told me again that she has in her palm every move i have been
making in this school with girls. As she was saying it she was
opening her buttons but somehow i was weak to stand up and
leave which would have been the best thing for me to do. Ese is
pretty but i don’t want to fvck her. Even though i have crushed on
her but i dare not go there at all. I looked at the ugly girl she
opened her bra and removed it put it inside her hand bag. Wow.

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I really love the brea;st that am seeing here. She told me that she
know about becky and tina. She told me that if i don’t fu;ck her
she will carry out her threat. I started sweating but what am i to
lose if i bang this girl i told myself nothing. My manliness has
really stood up waiting for action. I stood up for her to see me in
full. I stretched out my hand for her. she smiled and came into my
arm and i locked up mu lips to her lips.

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