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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 4

I think i got carried away a little cos i didnt know when she came
out. I didnt know how long she stood there but when i noticed she
was looking at me she just walked to the sit where she sat before.

She avoided looking at me. I was not really embarasd but i felt a
little uneasy. I started reading my book again.

Thank gawd the
book has nothing romance in it. If not my J0yst!ck would have stood.

As she sat down i remembered what happend about two months
after my relatioship with chika was consumated in the most
romantic S#xual pleasure. After 2months of no bleeping cos chika
lives in hostel but we spend every second after lectures together.

We only kiss but without doing the real thing. So one day i came to
class mark told me that tina said she will be coming to his place
that evening. I asked mark if he told her about chika, mark said
no. I told mark that i will be coming to his place to know if i can
take a quick one from tina. Mark laughed and said to me, married
men dont bleep outside. I asked him who is a married man? He
said both of us are married. I told him that am not married ooo. He
asked me if am not married why is my girl friend spending every
weekend in our house. I said he should forget tha one. That i have
to see tina or becky cos i need to bleep. After class that day, i
went to check on chika & i was told she went to our house with my
elder sister. I was happy cos i am free to go bleep tina. Mark and i
went to his place soon after we got back, mark & the girl friend left
& i was left alone with the tv.

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I decided to watch a romance movie so that when tina comes she
will also join me and it will be easier for us to hit the roof top. I
have never seen tina after the last time we bleeped even when i
know that she had gotn admission. I couldnt see her cos of chika.

I wont hurt chika for 1000000 beautiful girls.

What i feel for her is
sure different. So as i was watching the movie. I opened my belt
and my zip and was touching my bingo when i got carried away
and slept off. My J0yst!ck was so hard. Na waa oh.

I was sleeping
until someone touched me & called my name before i woke up.

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Come see embarasment. I tried to pull back my J0yst!ck but she said
dont. She reached for it and held it for a while and said. I really
missed it. I saw mark & his wife (girl friend) and he told me that u
are waiting for me. As tina was touching my d:ick, i was enjoying
it. She was talking when i drew her closer and placed my lips on
her lips. We started kissing ourselves hungrily. She asked me is
this how much u missed me? I said yes. I missed u so much. My
hand went to her b0s0ms & began to handle it through her dress.

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I started surking her n.iple through her dress too.

Using the fabric
as a weapon. She has pulled down my trouser. While i have pulled
out everything she wore. And was sU-Cking her bambina and she
was m0an!ng to high heaven. She asked me to give it her. She
said she has been waiting for this time for over two months. I
didnt want to waste any more time. I pull her on the foam and as i
want to send my bingo inside her hole. Someone just busted into
room. My manliness was suspended in the air, i dont know if i
should pull back or pull in.

When mark’s girl friend rushed into the room i was confused and
tina too was confused. She just stood there looked at us as if we
are children trying to eat food that was meant for adults. I gently
stood up packaged my property as i put on my trouser and tina
wore back her clothe. To say i was embarrassed would be
understatement. The look in tina’s eyes suggests murder. But
there was nothing any of us could do. Tina and i left the room but i
couldn’t take any more risk that day i just went to my hostel i
didn’t even bother checking on chika again that evening. Seeing
this yet to known girl see me in the mood was not that good. I
think she is one that was actually embarrassed by what she saw.

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Her eyes were glued to the tv as if that was her first time of seeing
such box. When my bingo was fully relaxed. I stood up and went
out. I couldn’t go into the room cos my cousin is still with his girl
friend. When i went outside i was watching people that were
downstairs but my mind was still wondering what that girl might
be thinking of me. Or if she will tell my female cousin what she
saw. A thought rushed into my brain as a question. What did she
even see? I answered… i wonder ohhh. I smiled and went back in
to the palour cos i am feeling bad for what might not be real even
if it is real that she saw my hand inside my bingo. Is that a crime,
abi no be my bingo the thing be?

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