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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 3

Well two days after the farewell bleeping with debby chika kissed
me goodbye at peace park as i boarded a bus going to lagos. Our
bus got to lagos at about 4pm that day. I stoped ojota then took
a bus stoped at ojuelegba from there to costain then walked to
apapa road (abiola way). entered bus goin to oyinbo then is
stoped at abule nla busstop. Took shot cut into ibadan street.

When i got to my aunty‘s house she was not around. But two of
my cousins were around (male & female) with one other girl
whom u will know better soon. I will not mention my cousins
names for security reasons…lolzzzz. My female cousin got water
for me and i took my bath. After that i ate and after eating i
decided to sleep cos that is what i do whenever i travel. I slept
till dinner time. Diner time in my aunt‘s house is 7:30. We ate
and after the eating my male cousin & i began to catch up with
out lost time. Then the female one came three of us were talking
and laughing. My aunt joined us after. U know those family small
talks. Soon it was prayer time & sleeping time. We all said good
night to each other.

In the morning after the morning prayers my aunt went to the
market. She is a big time business lady (single parent-husband
is late.) she has just 2 children a boy & a girl. My male cousin
was as bad as he could be but he has a girl friend who comes to
house during the day. As for the girl all thru the 2weeks i didnt
see her with any guy or hear her talk about any guy, but she has
friends that come to the house, female friends any way. It was
my first time of going to lagos as a bleeping guy. Guys always
talk about lagos girls in school though i dont discuss women in
class. I think thats why most of my activities were not in the
open. I v always heard that lagos chicks are hard to get. Lagos
girls are players. Lagos girls do turn men to mugu. With all these
toxic waste inside my brain i was ready to bleep my brain off.

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Afterall chika is not here with me. Chika has never starved me of
s*x but i lost that chance of bleeping any how through out that
year she got admission. After that day we first bleeped i didnt
bleep any other girl until my farwel bleeping with debby. So when
i was coming to lagos i had already planed on how to dig as
many holes as i could fine before going back to school.

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That afternoon my cousins girl friend came to house i left the room for
them and went to the palour. My female cousin went out so i was
inthe palour with a book. That i was reading as usual. I didnt
want to complain about power (nepa) cos i was playing a good
guy. Anyway i was inside palour reading my novel when female
cousin walked into the palour with her friend. I noticed it was the
same girl that was here when i came yesterday.
When they walked in the girl said brother good afternoon. I smiled
at her and responded. Meeen i cant remember anybody calling me
brother before. But i became used to the brother thing in that two
weeks cos more people especially younger ones address me like
that. So when they walked in, i used my eyes to access the girl.

She was from the portable side of women. She wore a 3quarter
jeans shot with a tiny hand singlet. That made her booobs look
like something that was attached to her chest.

I like the way her
b:reast is placed on her chest. I cant remember seeing anygirl
with such. I stoped reading my book when they walked in.

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Though i was still holding the book up. But all i was doing is admiring her.

I began to un.dress her in my mind. Pulling off her top & trouser.

Kissing her to even bleeping her in the palour. As i was thinking
about this. She stood up from the sit were she sat when they
walked in. And her br-east bounced. I said, wow! In my heart. I
like the way she walks. My big man began to have a breath of life
cos somehow it is hoping to dig the hole that just walked into the
kitchen. When she went into the kitchen i told myself that i have to
get down on this one as fast as possible. But the issue now will
be, how? This is not nsukka this is just an unfamiliar environment.
I looked around to make sure that i was alone.

When i became
convinced that there were no other person.

I send my hand into my
trouser to feel my hard J0yst!ck and some sweet feeling ran up to my

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