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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 26

After that she gave my a strawberry milk drink
to drink. Meeen it was a very good s*x and the
milk drink will serve as a refiller. She said drink
and replenish ur strenght cos i can see u really
came very hard i laughd. She came back
removed her top remaining just her pantless
shot flair skirt. It never occoured to any of us to
check the door. She told me to stand. I stood
up she removed my jeans trouser and pulled off
my boxer. She played with my bingo & called it
“thirst quencher“ i laughed and asked her what
she meant. She said my bongosikwe just
quenched the heavy thirst that was in her
pu.ssy. She went into her room while i sat down
in the palour. After about 5 minutes she came
out and signaled me to come. I stood leaving
my trouser on the palour flour. We went inside
the room she pulled off everything on me and
went very na.ked. As we romancd & kissed,
touched & i went inside her and was pumping
faster and we were m0an!ng noisly. mess me
faster & wind ur waist faster filled the air. I was
about coming when the door opened. I looked
up and my waist stoped moving
authormatically as i saw who stroled inside the
room. When i stoped she said babyyyyy nooooo
dont stop. With the fire i saw in the eyes of the
intruder i lost all my strength and my body
went numb. She turned and looked at the
person when she followed my gaze. She was
shocked too. The person turned and went out
of the room.

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Who can gues who walked in… A waiting for ur
I was confused cos i dont know why we were
that careless. I remember that prior to coming
to lagos the day i bleeped that my ugly girl. We
forgot to lock the door until my class mate
whose house we were in locked it for us. That
one is different cos it was never planned or i
was not part of the plan. This one is just funny
& i dont know what to do. Tosin said oh no!
Then i have removed my weak J0yst!ck from her
hole, she took took one of her clothe, cleansed
herself & cleansed. She put on an over size
tshirt and went to the palour. One thing i
discovered about two of them is that they are
not the shouting type. I stayed on the bed
holding my breath thinking that they will start
doing it i females way, but not at all. What i
heard was, how long have u been bleeping
him? How many times have u f.ucked him?
Tosin didnt respond. I then heard a sob… U r
bleeping my brother and u couldnt tell me.

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Why are we friends? Because his touch, his J0yst!ck
is so sweet or because ur toto is so sweet thats
why u people couldnt lock the door. She was
speaking quietly but with a great pain. When
did we start hidn something from each other?

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Tosin when? Tosin why mess my brother? She
started cryn. (to me i dont know why she was
cryn. I dont know if the cry is that i cheated on
her with friend of that her friend ate from the
same pot she has been stealing from. Tosin
cleard her throat…and said…

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