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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 24

Gboo! gboo! gbooo!. Gbai! gbai! gbai! Kpai!

kpai! Kpai! That was what brought us back to
this world. The noise of the knocking could pull
down the house. The way that knock was
sounding, it shows that whoever that is
knocking is not a visitor. Another thing it shows
is that this person has been knocking for a long
time. My heart panicked and small sweat broke
on my forehead. Good s*x is a good sleeping
drug. Anytime i have good s*x & released as
much as i should, it always make sleep
dreamless sleep. So my cousin saw that sweat
on my forehead and how my heart was
beathing. She asked me, whats wrong with me?

I told her the person that knocking might be
her mum or brother she said, and then what?

What will they do? See me ooo. So i shouted
inside my head. I didnt respond talk to her i just
wore my boxers and went into chigo‘s room lie
down as if i have been dead-sleeping. I heard
the brother shouting at her. Asking her if she
was dead or sleeping. I heard hin tell her that
he had been knocking for more than
30minutes. She told him that she was has cold
and she took pro-cold and it made her week.

That even as she is standing there, that she is
feeling dizzy. Chaiii!!! This girl can lie ohhh. But
truely she took drug. Cos good s*x is a sleeping
drug. I started snooring when chigo‘s voice
come closer to the room door. I was snoring so
loud and when he opened the door. I pretended
and turned looked at his face, closed my eyes
again and started snoring & turned my butt
towards him & released this air from my arsse.

Come see acting here na. Chigo slaped my butt
and said. Get from there, which kin sleep be
this. I pretended when i woke up she comot
from this place, u don spoil the air here. I was
robbing my eyes chigo left the room cos of the
odour from the air i released. When he left, i did
sign of the cross & smiled…

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The next day i waited till around 12noon before
going to check on tosin. When i got to thier
house i knocked as gawd may have it, she was
back. She told me that she came back around
10am but said she wont come looking for me
even though she missed me so much. She said
she wanted to know if i am missing her. I told
her that i am missing her badly. I open another
page of my many unused poems & began to
pour it to her. She was just smiling as if
someone is shooking his finger inside her nyash.

I told her to hug me with smile & bended eyes
(u go fear romantic eyes now) she came to me i
gathered her not-that-big-body into my arms
and felt her soft on my chest. I kissed
her softly on her forehead, then kissed her
nose, kissed her chest and brought up my pink
lips to her ready waiting wet lips. As our lips got
intouch. I felt the fire all over my brain and
S#xual region. I let in my tongue inside her
mouth and began moving it round every
corner. She was just m0an!ng silently. My left
hand held her so close while my right hand
landed on her left booob. As my hand touched
her br.east she shivered and that encouraged
me more. I kissed her more and lifted her top t
hold her bre.ast ver well. She quivered &
m0aned huuuuuuuuuuuu as my fingers began
to press her nip.ple. My left hand was pushing
her womanliness to feel my erect bingo. She
m0aned and wind her waist. I squezd her butt
the sq££zed her br.east and she held me so
tight as if i was about evaporatn. She m0aned
She wore a very shot flair skirt. I stoped
touching her bre.ast with my hand and
replaced my hand with my mouth oooooooooo.

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I began to sU-Ck her booobs gently. Her mouth
is now free to m0an as she wants. She was just
m0an!ng ooooooooo babyyyyyyyy uuuuuuuu
babyyyyyyy. My hand slowly went to her skirt
lifted it up and moved into her private
environment. I touched her c.litoris and she
shivered so strongly. I teased her cl.itoris again,
she quivered and twisted her butt. She m0aned
louder yeeeeeeeeeeee babyyyyyyyy
pleaseeeeeeeee u r killing me babyyyyyyyy. She
moved her hand and felt the shaft of my J0yst!ck
and it shocked me. I m0aned aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. As she
wanted to hold it firmly, i bit her nip.ple a little
the shock made her to remove her hand and
shouted aiiiiishhhhhhhhhhhhh. Please mess me
nowwwwwww. We ere still standing at the door.

So i lifted her up (forgetn to lock the door). I
took her to the nearest cushion in the palour
and placed her on it. She opend my zip pulled
down my trouser and i took hold of my J0yst!ck and
started to use it to tease her She was
shouting now. Asking me to go in. Babyyyyyyyy
pleasssssseeeee go inside me nowwwwww.
Aiiishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My left hand was
handling her left booobs while my right hand
was holding my J0yst!ck, teasing her cl!t.ris. She
kept m0an!ng and m0an!ng. She was scrashing
the sit. She will hold her head opend her mouth
ooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaa.

nowwwwww mess meeeeeee.

Oooooooiiiiishhhhhhhh baby please i cant take
this any more. Honeyyyyyyyyyy please am
readyyyyyyyyy mess meeeeee. With that i lifted
up her arrse with my left hand while she hold
the back rest of the chair. I went into her wet
toto slowly. I decided to make it slow so that i
will not miss anyof her reactions. As my J0yst!ck
was going inslowly. She said
eeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyyyyyyy.

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My J0yst!ck got inside her completely. She said
thank uuuuuuuuuu my totooooooooo
babyyyyyyyyy thank uuuuuuu. F.uck my
totoooo is all urs. I started fuc..king her slowly
but my one hand cant really carry her while i
bleep her. So i used my two hands to hold her
while she was winding & twisting holding the
back rest of the chair. She was moving faster
but i was slowing it. I have realy missed this
girl. Soon my Pour moved from my loins and
met the sweetness that flows from my head
and was coming close to hole of my J0yst!ck. I
stoped cos i dont want to come before her. She
said noooooooo dont stopppppd am about
coming. I didnt mind her. I stoped took her
down and sat on the sit. I told her to come sit
on me. And as she was sitting my iron hard was
going inside her pusssy. When it got into her
she held me so tight as i Bleep her. She was
m0an!ng & i was m0an!ng. We were making
melody with our m0an!ng. It wasnt long and
she started saying yessssss yessssss
babyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaa am coming.
Ammmmmmmm cominnnngggggggg
uiaaaaaasshhhhhhhh. I held her tight and
strong and starting driving rough. And my
brain came down again to meet with my Pour
around my J0yst!ck region. Before i knew what was
happening she said yeeeeeeesssssss totooo
miiii, faster, rougher, deeper at that time i
couldnt stop my akamu from emptyn inside
her. We came strongly with a shout

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