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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 23

She was almost nak.ed. She had this piece of
cloth that barely covered her braless br;
and a g-string pant, every other part of her
body was clotheless. She saw panick in my eyes
and the first think she said was. He has gone
out with his girl friend. When she said this; i
didnt know the next thing to say or do. I know i
dont have enough willpower to over this girl.

I smiled and told her to sit down that i want to
tell her something. She said nope. That she isnt
sitting down. That the only time her body will
touch that bed will be when my bongosikwe will
be inside her sakwashi puting & taking in
pleasure. I couldnt help but laugh. She said
baby i have missed ur pleasure stick, it seems
that u are running away from me. I said, how
could u say such a thing? Why would i be
running away from u? I am not just u know that
chigo is back and we are family. If it is
discovered it will be very bad to our name and
image. She said she know. I then ask her, if u
know why then do u keep wanting us to do it
even now that chigo is back. She shocked me
when she said. Knowing something is onething
but believing that that thing is that bad is
another. As far as am concerned what we are
doing is not bad at all as long as i dont take in.

It is only when i take in and abort that it would
be a very bad thing. (my brain shouted… I don
die here oh!!!) I was so shocked to hear this
from her. After saying that. She pulled me up
and we went to her room…am in a very deep
poo..if una no know…

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When we got into her room the whole thing ws
something else. She was more ready than i
could have imagined. I think it is wrong for
parents to allow their children to live without
supervision. It is always good to once in a while
visit ur children‘s room to know what they are
doing. Whether they are round or not. I think
going there every morning when going out and
before u go to bed would even be better.

This girl set up her room in very romantic way. No
guy will go into that room without feeling
sexually activated. So when i got to her room.

All my nerves began to respond to her heart
desire. Every where in the room all i was seing
is Intimate pictures. Different pictures that
display different s*xy** positions. Looking at what
she wore i couldnt help but to draw her close to
me and placed my lips on her cleavage. My
hands were on her back pushing her chest to
me mour. I moved my hand down to her bum
and started pressn her butt. I brought up my
face looked into her eyes all i could see is
hunger, lust and desire to be fuccked. I pulled
her g-string pant out and placed her leg on the
bed. She pulled off my boxers. The way her
mood is, she doesnt need any pre-fucck. So as
my hand got to her pusssy. I discovered that
she was so so wet. Once she pulled off my
boxer. She said babyyyyyy, pleasssssse just
Bleep me pleaasssse. I have misssssed ur
diiiiiick oooooooooo. My finger was still going
deeper into her wet pusssy. She baby i want ur
J0yst!ck into meeeeeeeeeeee. I lowered her down
on the bed while i am still standing. I drew her
closer took hold of my hard J0yst!ck and directed it
into her sweet toto. With one leg on my
shoulder and my hand holding the other leg.

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I started bleeping her roughly. She said make it
more faster and rough pleaaaseeee. I placed my
hands on her two sides and start hitting harder,
faster, furiously without mercy. She began to
shout uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yessssssssssssssss
aaaaaaaaaaaa this is iiiiiiiiiit. I like
thisssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i
saaid ittttttttt (i dont what that one mean).

Yesssssssssss oooooo yesssssooooo aaaaaaaaaa
yes am coming babyyyyyy am cominggggggg.
Uishhhhhhhhhh as she i heard i held so close
and started pishing in and out in more furious
but steady way. She screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
her body shook as she came. But cos i am yet
to get ready to come. I told myself that today
will be a day of multiple So i didnt
give her any space to rest. As she said
babyyyyy please and weak. I pretended not to
hear that. Cos women are not like men.

A woman can come betwen 2&6 times in a space
of 10 minutes but for a man. Lolzzzz. So i
continued firing and she started responding
again this time even more wild than the
previous. I balanced her on the bed & started
firing her. She lifted up her legs and they were
flyn around my back as i Bleep her. Her mout
was open through out. She was doing
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuu and
saying, Bleep my totooooooo. My totooooooo
aishhhhhhhhhhh is ursssssss. She was twisting
her body like a snake and every of her twist was
sending fire to my brain. With each twist i was
m0an!ng in high pleasure. Humnnnnnnnn.

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Ur totooooo is sweet.I started raising the tempo
this time she is meeting each of my thrust with
a powerful twist. Gawd this is sooooooo
goooooood i was saying & when my brain
couldnt carry it anymore. Her own couldnt
carry her any more too. She started shouting
again uisshhhhhhhhhhh uishhhhhhhhhhh
ooooooooooo please dont stop now. Pleassssssse
dont oooooooooo (stop keh? How can i stop
when i have lost control). I started shaking as
my akamu got ready to explode inside her. We
started m0an!ng in a noisy way. I held her so
tight while she wrapped her legs on my back
with her hands hoding the bed post until two of
us shouted yesssssssssssssss. And i kissed her
lightly on her forehead, then her lips. And i tried
to pull myself out from her. She said baby
dont… I still want to feel ur pen.nis inside me.

Leave it there. She pulled my head down to her
chest as if i am her baby. My J0yst!ck inside her
pusssy, my head inbetween her we
dozed off.

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