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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 22

Gawd! This smile is too much for me. I felt like
kissing her tongue off her mouth. But i still
pretended to be angry & told her please let us
leave this room to the palour before u put me
into trouble. Tosin smiled the more and said to
me. I thought real men dont fear anything? Eh?

Or ur own real man na only inside toto? I sat
back on the bed wondering what sort of
problem this girl is planing to put me into.

Tosin lifted her top a little upward more and i could see the hairs on her tummy more. Very black
on her fair skin. My private member started to
protest inside my trouser. Tosin smiled, relaxed
her face and i could see that face that got me
dreaming. I stood up went to her and roled my
hand on her tummy. Ran my finger along the
line of the hairs. She kissed me slowly. I told her
baby lets go to the palour please. She shook her
head and said noooo. Take me apart right inside
this room. I tried to protest but when her hands
touched my bongosikwe, i couldnt complete
what i wanted to say. She ran her hand on it
and it kept getn high. Building a silent pleasure
up my chest. I swallowd very hard and she
asked me. What is that? Whats that sound for? I
unconsciously swallod hard again & she burst
into laughter. This boy i tire for u oh. Na this my
touch dey make u swallow saliva like this? Abeg
no swallow ur tongue oh. I felt aa little shy and
turned my back against her. Before i could turn
to look at her. She has left the room back to the
palour. I sat back on the bed wondering what is
wrong with all these girls.

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Lets go a little faster: so it became all night/day
s*x with my cousin for 3 days straight. When
chigo came back that one stoped i kind of felt
releived that his coming back has delivered me
from insest. Tosin went to ondo that same day
chigo returned cos she is from ondo state. So it
means that there will be no more pusssy for me
to bleep unless i go out to look for another one
which i was not ready for at all. Tosin told me
she will not stay more than 4days so i was
ready to wait for that 4days. As for my cousin, i
have made up my mind that i will not give her
any space again because if i miss behave chigo
will catch us. I go to bed first & wake up last.

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I didnt even allow just two of us in the palour. If
chigo is in the room alone, i will join him. If he is
with his babe. I will take a walk. Oneday chigo
said he wants to go to trade fair (balogun) with
his girl friend. I followed them cos i cant
imagine just myself and my cousin to stay
15minutes without blowing our head off
especially now that we have not fuccked for
more that 3days. That day when we returend
from trade fair, chigo and i were in his room
when he left the room without saying anything
to me. To me i thought he went to pee, but
when he didnt return like after 10minutes i
concluded he was at the palour watchn tv.

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I relaxed to read one of the two (Dan Brown)
novels that i bought from there. Then the door
opened i never cared looking at the door to
know who the person was cos i believe it was
chigo. But then a soft hand closed my eyes.

My nose is familiar with the scent that rushed into
my nose. Then i slowly pulled off the hand and
behold she is standing by my side, she wore
almost nothing. Chai!… In my brain i shouted
not again…

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