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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 21

She tried to run her hand on my shaft i stoped
her even though my J0yst!ck needed a super
touch. I went to her back and held her from
there. Held her bre;ast with my left hand while
my right hand moved to her pusssy corner. I
was touching her ni.pple through her bra while
my other hand was just playing around her
pusssy walls. My hard J0yst!ck was pushing her
from behind. She was m0an!ng ooooooooo
uuuuuuu winding her waist. She was tryn to
hold my head from the back but i didnt allow
her. She was m0an!ng babyyyyyyyyy
uuuuuuuuuu my hand was going deeper and
deeper. I stoped the pulled of her pant and bra.

As i pulled them out she turned so fast and held
me close took my lips and started kising me in a
fast way. That time i know she couldnt stand it
any more. She lifted her leg and placed it on
the bed and took hold of my J0yst!ck and tried
puting it into her pusssy but no way she just
left herself and fell on the bed, dragn me along
with her. Her body was shaking so strong she
was saying. Eeeeenter me noooowww.

fu-Ckkkkkkk me nooowwwww. I opened her leg
wide and entered her in one trust. She was
m0an!ng aisssssshhhhhhhhh oishhhhhhhhhh
uuuuuuuuuuu babyyyyyyyy i like it it. Ur J0yst!ck is
so sweet. My toto is on fire baby fucck me
deeper. Yeeesssssss with this m0an!ng we hard
a nice ride to world of pleasure.

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As i was remembering that past my J0yst!ck was
looking for the future. Yes! The future because
it became so strong that i didnt know when
hand went inside my trouser and i began to
enjoy the pleasure my hand was givn me.

I openned my zip and took hold of my bingo and
was just robn it on my right tigh we my cousin
& tosin knockd. I placed my J0yst!ck back into its
cell. It was still showing so i went opened the
door for them and walked straight into the
room. I dont want to see my cousin cos she
represents a time bomb. I dont also want to
look at tosin cos i have disaointed her. She
must have put somethings in place for our
sexcapedes. If it were another girl tht made me
disapoint her i wont even send at all. But it is
cos of my cousin. I wont claim that i have not
enjoyed our s*x together but the pain it is
cursn me and the one it might curse me are
much more than the pleasure i v gotn from it.

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I prayed silently for forgivness. I have not gone
for confession for a very long time. But i was
considering going for one & also get some
counseling this time not only cos my insest with
my cousin even cos of uncontrolable s*x life
style. As i was still thinking about this. I heard a
tap on the door. I looked up, no one came in.

As i bent my head down again tryn to figure our
how best to save myself from many imoral act
and remain true only to chika. I heard not just a
tap but the door also opened and she walked in
without fear i her eyes. When i saw her walking
in i became afraid…

My eyes went to that trace of hairs that are in
ranks like soldeirs. The hairs are kind of shining.

So seductive. Wow! I shouted inside of me. As if
she knew what was going on in my mind. She
paused inbetwen the door and the bed were i
was. Her booos bouncd, my mind told me that
she wasnt wearing a bra. She wore legins and a
show belly top. Black down, white top. I smiled
but her eyes were confusing me. I sat upright
and ask her in a wisper. Where is she? What are
u doing here? I mean what are u doing inside
this room? She looked at me some kind of pride
in her eyes and said. Abegii! Stop panickn. Why
are u even panicking? Eh u dont want her to
know that we fuccked yesterday? I wiped my
eyes & my left ear & tried to respond to her
questions which i really dont even know the
right answer for. As i opened my mouth to talk
she blocked it with her finger, i was still in that
suprise when she lifted herself up and kissed
me. I removed my mouth very fast and ask her
why all this. She smiled and said she went out
and asked her to come keep me company. In
my mind i was thinking maybe this is a trap or
a plan or a game or something bad coming my
way. She steped back to the door and locked it.

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I shouted out of fear…what do u think that u r
doing? She rested her back on the door with
disarming smile on her face…

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