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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 20

I tried to eat but couldnot cos of many things
going on in mind. Chika came into my mind cos
chika has become a goddess to me. I temporaly
forgot all the delimma of the moment to enjoy a
thought from one of my lovely evening with
chika. It was on a thursday, i told chika when
she came across my part that morning that i
would be going home. That day as usual the
house was with nobody cos my mumsy would
always go to my dad‘s office after work because
all of us live in hostel. So chika came around as
an unofficial member of the family, she knew
where to get the key. She took key opened the
door but didnt lock it and went inside. I cant
remember where i went to but when i got back
to the house, the house was open, i was a little
confused cos i was sure that i locked it before
going out. My heart skiped when the thought of
thieves breaking in came into my mind. Well i
am a man (lolzzzz) so i decided to go in and find
out what is missing or not missing. I slowly
opened the door, got to our palour everything
was intact. And i looked at the dining table, i
saw chika‘s school bag. I laughed to myself.

My heart relaxed. I went lock up the door. Went to
my room she was not there. I went to the
kitchen she was not there. I knew she would be
in my sisters‘ room. Then i tip toed to their
room. I listend to know if she is alone or if any of
my sister came back. I didnt hear any sound.
So instead of knocking i just openned the blind.

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I silently screamd wow! Cos look at my princess
lying down sleeping carelesly.

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I went in and got close to her. I used my hand
to smoothen her hair. I held her head with two
hands & kissed her forehead. She wore a not
too short skirt with a slevless top that covered
everything verywell. Chika doesnt wear skimpy
things but no matter how she dresses it makes
me to want her more. I ran my palm on her
chest region she opend her eyes and i smiled to
her. She said baby. I responded with a kiss on
her lovely lips. I looked at her hungrily cos all i
could feel at the moment is to eat her up. As i
kissed her the second time, she held my head
and responded to my kiss. We started kissing
and i can see her n.ipples standing while my
J0yst!ck is getn up. Chika started touching my leg
moving her hand to my centre leg. I was just
touching her head gently. Chika got hold of my
pen.nis removed her mouth from mine & said to
me. Darling u are already very hard. I said to
her what do u expect. I missed this kiss & this
touch. She said she missed mine too but she is
not wet yet. She smiling when she said. I told
her if she said that she is not wet yet let me
check to be sure. She said okay. I told her that
we should go to my room. She said nope. I
asked her why. She said she want me to do the
checking in female‘s room. We have not made
love for almost 2months even though we see
almost everyday. We kiss and cares everyday
we see but today as i look into her eyes, all i
could see is desire, hunger & lust. Her voice was
kind of shaking as for me, humn…my bingo
cant wait anymore all it wants is to Bleep the
only girl i believe i love. So chika stood up from
the bed opened her arms wide and told me to
remove every piece of clothe on her body then
check if she is wet. I smiled and went straigth
to work.
I smiled as i go round her. Went to her back
unziped her top. I went down to her leg and
started to move my fingers gently on each of
her toes. I started tracing my hand up to her
knee in a slow mortion movement. I got to her
tighs and used two hand to hold her left tigh. I
was moving the two hands closer to her Kitty-
Cat. She adjusted her legs to acomodate the
hands & i stoped. I stood up removed her top
and tos it on the floor. Her booobs were looking
at me from their prison cell. I joined my body to
her body to make sure she feel my hardness as
i sent my hand to her bum to open the zip of
her skirt. As i was sending my hand back i bend
my mouth to her right bre.ast and used my
teeth to tease her nip.ple she held my head and
m0aned oooooooo. I said to her dont touch me.
She said yes sir with a shaky voice. I opened
the zip of her skirt to pull the skirt down instead
of removing the skirt i ran my hand slowly from
her laps to her pusssy. She m0aned again
ouchhhhhhhhhhh. I stoped told her to raise her
legs for me to remove ther skirt, she did so i
tosed the skirt on the floor also. Now she was
just on bra & pant. I started sU-Cking her navel,
as i sU-Ck it my hands were playing around her
pusssy area. I went up slowly to her lips and
started kissn her. As i kiss her i gently shifted
her pant down run my finger on her cl!t..oris.

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She m0aned again aaaaaaaaaaaiiiishhhhhhh.

Ooooooo babyyyyyyyyyyyyy. As she said said
this i took her right hand to my J0yst!ck.

I wispered
into her ears. Hold it tight. She held my J0yst!ck
tight and said again…aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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