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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 2

I took few steps in to the room. I was still looking at her sweet
melon. My eyes moved down to her honey well and as if she was
reading my mind, lifted her left leg. Chaiiii!!! My eyes saw
forestless private arena. And i saw a red hot pusssy. I was
thinking of how i will get into it one more time when her voice
brought me back to this world. She asked me what do u want. Na
waooo! I couldnt say anything cos i dont even know what i want.

I openned my mouth and no word could come out. She asked me
again… What do u want from me. Nobe small thing oh…! I still
dont know what to say. I stood there like a silly man. My private
member was standing beging to be freed from the prison called
boxer. Debby wasnt smiling at all. She held up the book she had
in her hand as if she was reading it. The way her booobs where
looking side ways made it look so inviting. I looked at her honey
pot and saw that her c:litoris was breathing.

That encouraged me
a little. I said baby u know i miss u. She said hold it there
pleaseeeee. The way she stressd the please made me to think
that all hope is gone. I said okay. I was really sweating this time.

My bingo was rising in a very fast way. Not minding the situation
on ground. Though i v discovered that d/ck has a mind of his
own. At a time debby droped the book. Looked at me and said in
a s*xy** sweet voice. That voice that got me hooked that day in
their hostel room. Pinky i missed u so much. I cleansed the
sweat & my ears to make sure that i heard her very well.

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She said again, pinky come to me. I couldnt move cos her actions
just changed. As i still stood there looking without knowing what
to do. She stood up came towards me. Wraped her hand round
me while i buried my head in her bossom..

My head went into the valey of her twin towers and began to use
my tongue to clean it up. Her hands were on my hairs working
them. I ran my palm on her Unclad butt. Moved them to her
n.aked back. My head left the valey as my hand moved to the
front page of body. My left hand walked to the right b;reast and
began to handle it. Her hand wrapd round my neck as we began
to kiss as if we dont kiss today we will kiss no more. I used my
right hand to pull her bum so that my pen.nis touchd her
womanliness closely. She was letn out sweet m0an!ng. My lips
moved to her right n.pple and and i began to sU-Ck it. She started
m0an!ng louder & louder. My left hand located her pusssy. And i
began to f:inger her. She located my congo and began to work it.

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As i took her to the bed layd her down with my finger still inside
her. As her backed touched the bed she pushed me away. Turn
her face to wall with her against me. I didnt mind her i pulled out
my boxers my bongosikwe sprang up and i removed my singlet,
climbed on the bed and started touching her again. Starting from
her towers (b.reast) of life down to her stomach dot (navel)
making sure that my pole was touching her butt.

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She was
m0an!ng but as i tried to put my hand inside her honey pot, she
please stop. As i continued, she shouted… stop that please. And
like a gun shot my hand went out o her body…

As i was there stupified.. The next thing i heard was. Sirnoel do u
love chika? I said eem chi… Chiika eemm. She asked me again.

Sirnoel do u love Chika my sister? She added that ‘my sister‘
may be to remind me the chika she was talking about. With those
questions my hand left her body completly & my manliness
began to go back to sleep. She asked me again. Sirnoel do u love
chika my sister? I said yes i love her with all my heart. I said it
with my head down & in my hands. She didnt say any other
thing. And i started to make confessions. Baby u see i really love
ur sister. What i feel for her i v never felt it for any other girl.

The feeling is really different i dont know if that what people call love
but i think that is love. I love chika, everybody in my family loves
her. As i was singing the song, i didnt know when debby turn and
when our eyes met she kissed me again. I didnt respond she
kissed me again and said to me. Thank u for telling me the truth.
She said…what u and i share is not love. It is S#xual passion. I
enjoyed every minute u & i fvcked. I have no regret fvcking u. As
she was saying her hand was pampering my congo. My congo
stood like iron rod. Debby pushed me down on the bed and said
to me. Let me give u a farwel bleeping. As my back touched the
foam,my d/ck shoot up as if saying i swear.

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Debby bent over me,
her b.reast dangling before my mouth. I held her head pulld her
right b0s0m into my mouth as she guided my sugarstik in her
honey pot. Debby began to ride me she was so wet the i can
feelher fluid running down my private corner. She was riding me
very fast and i was matching it too with a fast bumping. At a time
she sat up while riding me,her two hands on her b0s0m squizn
them while i held her by the side and lifting her in and out. She
was m0an!ng so much until two of us got the throne of pleasure
together. I left every drop of pap inside her hole. Debby lay by my
side and told me to go clean myself up. As stood up to go, she
said, sirnoel please take good care of my baby sister

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