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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 19

After a while tosin asked her about me. She told
her that i was inside the room. I didnt hear their
voices anylonger. I dont know if i should go out
there or stay here like this. But i really want to
stay with tosin. She is the person i have feelings
for. She is the person that even if people hear
or know that we are bleeping they will not raise
eyebrow. But if people hear that i am fuccking
my cousin, they will shout cos in our culture it
is a taboo. I still dont know how i got myself
inside this mess. I dont have an atom of will
power to resist her. Somehow i was happy that
tosin came because if she wasnt here now.
Maybe i will be sweating ontop of my cousin or
she will be sweating on me. But one strange
thing is that my J0yst!ck is still standing strong.

I got carried away and the sound of the door
brought me back to the room. When i looked it
was my cousin she smiled and came close to
me. She kissed my forehead sat on my leg still
wearing that her clothe. She took my hands
placed them on her b:reast & moved them
slowly on her ni.ples. Gawd! Am so helpless.

This girl is killing me. I asked her where her
friend is. She said in her room. I told her to stop
that if that girl sees us like this it will be bad.

She moved her arse and my J0yst!ck got inbetween
it. She held my hands and was moving it up
and down her booobs. I felt like puting her
ni.pples inbetween my teeth & give her a good
tease of the nip.ple with my tongue. She said,
she doesnt care even if tosin sees us like this.

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She said tosin is her friend that two of them
share secrets. That they dont hide anything
from each other. My heart skiped when she said
this. I asked her if she will tell tosin that we do
make love. She turned, looked at me and
smiled. With that smile she stood up went to
the palour but when she got to the door. She
turned & asked me…are u afraid?

I dont even know if i am afraid or confused.

Therefore I didnt answer that question but one
thing is certain. If they dont hide anything from
each other, then it means that either tosin tells
her about our business or she tells tosin about
our evil activity. Or may be both of them even
share their individual experiences with me.

However it will be done. Whatever hapen means
it will surely happen. It is obvious that my
S#xual life around here wont remain a secret
with these two girl for a long time. So it made
me to know that am actually seating on a time
bomb. Well what will i do? The deed is done & i
have to wait for the repacution. I was very
uncomfortable because one, i dont know what
they are talking about now in that room of hers.

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Two, i dont like how i am here but cant hold
tosin in my arms & tosin cant come into this
room. Three, how will tosin feel now that she
had come here and discovered that i am at
home but didnt go to her house as agreed
yesterday. What lie would i tell her even though
i know am not a good lier and doesnt really
enjoy lyn. I dont want to miss tosin cos of this
my cousin. Cos my relationship with my cousin
can never be made public. As i was still thinking
about all these, my cousin came into the room
& told me that she was going out but will not
stay for long. She walked into the room we
kissed & her lipspaint got spoilt a little. She
cleancd & rearanged her lips back. But i forgot
to clean mine. She cleansed it for me when we
got to the door & said. I will blow u into pieces
when i come back…get ready to kill me with ur
3rd leg. So go & eat. Ur food in at the dinning…

chai!!! I have entered into big trouble here.

Who will save me from this trouble?

I followed her to the palour and tison‘s eye &
mine met. She smiled a good aftenoon to me i
also smiled goodaftenoon back to her. When i
saw her all my body moved in a great way. Cos
her dress sense is badly so lovely. Asuming that
she isnt beautiful, her dressing will always make
her atractive. But this is beauty mixed with
good dress thinking. She wore a pink flowery
skimpy gown, with ear ring or gala gala to
match with a little hilled sandal to help her off
the ground a little. The lightness of her laps was
wow? I remembered how she made me drink
from her nature‘s pot yesterday. And how i
missed drinking or mabey eating from it cos of
my cousin. Not my cousin cos i could have
stoped this before it got out of hand. It was all
my fault. I was tryn to use my eyes to pass a
massege to tosin but my cousin didnt allow her
look at my side. So they left. When they left i
went to table to eat. As i was eating i was kind
of afraid of what will happen if my aunt
discovers what is going on between her
daughter & i. How will all my family members
behave or see me after that. When i
remembered chika, i started shaking &
sweating even when the weather was not hot.

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I said may heaven never allow chika to ever hear
or know this, cos i dont want to lose her at all.

As it stands now, i can say that i really love her.

I have always considerd bleeping as a game
guys & girls play for fun but when i entered
chika & made love to her. I know she is not a
game or fun thing… Maybe it is love… Well… It
is love

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