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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 18

When she left the room to her room, she left me
with problem, thinking & worries. I think this is
the reason people say that s*x is a short time
enjoyment. I forgort about all the pleasure that i
derived from our sexcapes. I stood went to the
mirror in my cousin‘s room. I undressd myself &
started checking myself all over. What are u
looking for? Someone might be asking. I was
looking at myself to know what is so special
about me that always draw girls to me. I looked
at my face, but there is nothing special special.

I am not really handsome. Though i have a very
good eye brow & pink lips. I even have o leg.

Though i know how to use it for my favor.

I didnt see any special thing that attracts girls to
me. Somehow i concluded that probably i have
a spiritual problem. Yes spiritual problem.

Wht would be making a guy find it so easy to get
any girl he just desires. I went back to bed, i
became more worried than ever.

I went to pee after that and noticed that my
aunty was already awake but it means nothing
to me. I went back to the room and slept off.

I didnt know when day finaly broke. I slept until
around 11am when my cousin came to wake
me up with a light kiss on my lips and a cold
touch on my bare chest. When i opend my eyes
every where was so bright and i asked her what
the time was. She told me it is past 11am and i
said, what! She said past 11. I said na wah ooo.

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And am still here sleeping. She said when i was
blowing my brain in the night, i didnt know that
i was over working myself. She was smiling.

Then i looked at her very well and discovered
that she wore a see through clothe with a bum
short that looked like ordinary pant. Her lovely
hips & butt0ckz look so good and her br.east was just
showing. The temptation to touch them was on
me but my cautious mind told dont. She went
out and i sat up. Robbed my eyes and tried to
protect my standing private member. As i was
tryn to pack my bingo very well, i heard her
laugh from the door and she said. What is ur
hand doing inside there. I removed my hand
very fast. She lughed the more & said. Boyyyyy!

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What does it want again? I smiled very weak
smile. She stretched her hand and started
robbing the shaft of my member. As she was
doing that, she was talking to it as if it is a
person that hears her. She said, dont worry i
will give u ur food but that will be around 4pm.

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I thought i fed u very well all through the night.

As she was saying this. My J0yst!ck was becoming
more and more strong. She shifted my boxer
and started touching it now. Oooooo babyyyyyy
please stop. She looked up at me as i said that.
She used my pre-come to rob the head of J0yst!ck
and asked me. Honey are u sure u want me to
stop? I said yesssss please stop. We heard a
knock on the door. She stoped and stood up to
go check who was knocking.

She went to open the door. What i heard was
babe this one u dress like this, u go kill person
oh. The voice continued by saying see how ur
ni.ples just hard. If i be guy now, i go just grab
this ur booobs come sU-Ck am until u cry for me
more. That time my cousin told the person, oya
make u come sU-Ck now. Abi some person de hol
u back? The voice said again, babe i no be les
now. Abi u wan turn be to one? U want make i
fucck girl like myself? My cousin then said, no
be girls like u de Bleep other girls? Abi u fine
pass them or get sense pass them? Please jare,
come inside before people see my neckedness.

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I looked through the blind & discovered that it
was tosin that was talking. As i saw her i went
back to the bed. I sat on the bed & looked at
myself. My private member was still very hard.

I put on a jean trouser to hold it back. Though i
dont think that i will be going to that palour cos
i dont know how i will face two of them. Not
that i was afraid of anything other than one is
my blood. The only time i try to keep a girl from
knowing about the other one is when i have not
bleeped the person. But if i have bleepd u,
taaaaa! I no fear anything. Cos u must come
back even after knowing. But in this case. Tosin
is my bleeping friend while the other person is
my cousin. If tosin knows, she might not talk
but if my cousin knows, she might become
jealous & missbehave. Which might make tosin
to expose my cousin & i. So i sat back on the
bed, took book to read. Afterall tosin didnt
come to look for me, though we were to meet
that morining & stay till around 4 or 5pm but
my cousin‘s action has changed all that.

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