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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 16

She took her left hand down to my private
environment and took my bingo. She started
first to run her hand on the shaft. As she was
running her hand on it. She held it as if she is
about sloting it into her pusssy. But she didnt,
she started playing with the cap. She turned
me and took my bingo into her mouth & started
to use her saliva all around it. She was using
her tongue before i knew what was happening
she closed her lips round it. Ohhhhhhhh this
felt so good. She gave it a long sU-Ck that
touched my brain. She used her tongue to play
with the hole. I did uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. She
knows what she was doing. I told her
pleassssssss let me inside uuuuuuuu. I was
m0an!ng and m0an!ng. I dont know what she
was doing to my pen.nis oooooooo. It was as if
my ddiick has grown longer & larger than
before. I have not had it good like this before.

As she was sU-Cking me and playing with my
ball. I was goeting ready to explode. I asked her
again to allow me to enter her. She didnt listen.

She knows what she is doing. I couldnt keep
my akamu any longer. I scraemd though not
loud. I am comiiiiiiiin, i am coomiiiiiing.

Ouchhhiiiiiiiiii yesssss. And i bgan to come. She
pulled it out of her mouth and used he hand as
if i her hand is pusssy. And bagan moving my
J0yst!ck inside it up and down. And i was shooting
out my pap. And when i jerked and stareched
as if i was about giving up the ghost. I became
very still, she left me took that cloth she was
tyn to cleance me and cleanse her hand.

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After she wiped her hand clean she smiled at
me and went opened door. I just lie down there
wondering which kind of girl is this. She stayed
like about five minutes and came back into the
room. I asked her where she went to she said
she went to her room so that if her mum heard
us she won’t be sure what she heard when she
sees her in her room liyn down. So threw down
the wrapper and climbed slowly back to the
bed and on me. At this time her face changed
again like someone who is possessed by a kind
of spirit. When she threw open her wrapper to
expose her hard ni.pplies i was moved again by
the sweetness that flows from her. as she
climbed the bed and on me. My hand went
straight to her chest and located her pawpaw i squized them lightly. She shivered a
little. I can see that she is really tensed up.

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I lightly sq££zed her booobs again. She
quivered with a light m0an. I took my hand
down to her private area. And slowly stroke my
hand on her cl!t..oris. she said ooooooooooooo
boy u got me there. Please do that again, she
whispered into my right ear as she started eatn
the ear. I made my hand pass through c.lit.oris
again she said
huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i can tell that
she has gone beyond control. She put her put
her hand under her through her tummy and
took hold of my d.ick. She tried directing it into
her pusssy. I didn’t allow her to do that. I
turned her back to the bed. Spread her like a
willing lamb and started to eat her cl!tori.s she
was winding herself. She was drawing the bed
spread. She was drawing my hair. She was
drawing everything around us. she started
jerking and winding and m0an!ng.

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Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh
myyyyyyyyyyyyyy i like it. Please mess me
nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i cant take
this annnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more.

i want your J0yst!ck inside me now
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i was also highly tensed.

When i couldn’t stand what am doin to her and
the sound of her m0an!ng. I moved my body up
straight to her tommy and get to her mouth
and stated kissing as if i don’t kiss her that day
i will die. As i was kissing with lips and squizn
her bre.ast her hand was busy trying to make
my bongosikwe go inside her honey pot. Then i
lifted her leg and placed them on my shoulders
and i used my hand to hold my pen.nis and
directed it once again inside her over wet
pusssy. The pusssy was so ready to welcome
my bingo inside it and she made a very long
sound of thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank
oooooooooooooooooooo. And i started pumping
her in a very frustrating manner. If i move fast
and she starts winding faster, i will slow it down
and when she want to relax enjoy it. I will
change to fast again. But there is not she could
do about it because her legs are on my
shoulders. Then i took hold of her booobs as i let
her legs fall on bed and okaced my two hands
on the bed. She wrapped her legs on myback
and i started fuccking her roughly. She was
saying yessssssssssss. Yessssssssssssssssssss i
like it like this. I was going on 350miles per
hour because with each sound of her m0an the
faster i got. Finally two of were getting to the
cloud of pleasure. She opened her mouth and
would have shouted and that would have
brought her mum into knowing what we are
doing. I removed my hand an covered her
mouth with my hand and her waist was the one
controlling the bleeping and it was too much for
us. and there we started to throne of pleasure
together and she m0aned
ouchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. And i shot every
part of my brain inside her. i fail on the bed o
very weak. Wow!!! This is what is called
bleeping a sweet pusssy. I managed to go to
the palour to get water to drink.

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