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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 13

So after that short but powerful bleeping.

I rested a little and told her that i have to go. She
said that she is still tired. She said boy, u really
got me this time around. U took me un awares
and u were rugh. Wow! I really enjoyed this.

Boy i envy ur girlfriend. Both of us laughed but
whatever she meant with that, i dont really
know, neither did i care to know. So i left and
went home. I got home around 4pm and met
my female cousin. She was very angry with me.

She asked me where i went to since morning.

She said i couldnt even tell her or the brother
where i was going to. I told her that i was sorry.

She said they were all afraid that maybe i have
lost my way or something like that. I didnt
know when i bursted out with laughter. She
asked me why i was laughing. I told if i miss my
way at this age and time then i really need to
caned. She smiled and said, thats true sha. She
now said something that put me on alert. I
have been at home all alone waiting for u to
comeback. I pretended that i didnt hear her.

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She threw another bomb. Dont u know that
some will missing u in this house. I asked her
who could that be. She said she & her brother
but she in particular. I told her that am sorry
but am here now. She said look at when u r
coming back, after 4pm, soon mum & Chigo will
come back. An alarm went off inside my head.

What message is this girl tryn to pass to me? I
was asking myself questions upon questions.

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I prayed silently that it shuldnt be what i was
thinking. Because if it is what my mind is telling
me. I wont be able to resist the temptation. She
said u look scarted, go and shower. Meeen i
went to shower oh
I went straight into the bathroom to take my
bathe. As i was bathing my mind was running
from pillar to pole. I was asking myself what will
i do if my cousin asks me for s*x? Gawd i cant
resist fuccking her. She is beautiful & well
curved in her way. It was that time that my
eyes really opened to know how wonderful she
looks. But something was telling me that i
shouldnt worry, if she wants it give it to her.

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But i told myself this is not right. It is not good.

It will be called insest. As i was strugling with
these thoughts, my congo started rising,
chai…? Pen.nis no go school at all. It was getn
higher and stronger. I felt some sweet sansation
run thru my veins. I opend the shower, stood
under it and the memory of all that happend
that day came back to me. As the cold water
touched my hair, ran down through my chest
and carressd my bingo. I remembered how
tosin and i made love the first time that day
and she was the only one that climaxd. How
she served herself as a meal for me to eat and
drink with her cup from nature (pusssy). And
the last one which was the shortest, the
roughest & the sweetest. As i was remembering
all this my hand was playing with my
bongosikwe. It was sweet. I was enjoying the
feeling while water was carresing all my body. .

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I was brought back to this world when i heard a
knock onthe door. And the voice asked me,
what are u doing there? U be woman wey e dey
waste time for bathroom abi u de self service.
Olboy…ooo. I no talk at all. Na only her talk, na
only her come laugh join am. I became afraid of
what might happen.

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