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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – Episode 12

After kissing for some few minutes. We stood up
and she went to the kitchn to bring the noodles
we co cooked. Lolzzz. By the time she came
with the noodles and kept it on the dining
table. I couldnt eat it cos it had become very
cold and i dont eat hot or cold food. I eat warm
food. I told her that i cant eat it anylonger. She
was so sad she told me that she wants to go
warm it, i said, warm it? She answered yes.

I have never heard nor seen anywhere wey
person warm noodles. How will warm this kind
thing wey edon cake like this? Well she want
put it inside fryn pan and heated it alittle and it
became look warm. I ate it just to make her
happy not cos i like it. If it were to be in our
house. Lie lie to liei wunt eat it. So we ate
insilence not because we were observing table
manners but becasue we are tired & dont know
what to talk about again. At least that time.

We finished eating in silent just as we started in
silent. She took all the plate into the kitchen,
washed them. Then i was sitted in the palour
with my trouser on but with no shirt no singlet.

She cameback and told me to join her so that
we bathe. I told her no.she said it will be fun i
told that i cant bath in their house. My body
lotion is not in their house. She agreed and
went to bath. I didnt join her not cos of all those
resons but i have never stayed in one bathroom
with any girl before. Another thing is looking at
time. If i follow her inside that bathroom we
might stay there again for another one hour.

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I left the house without telling abody. I dodnt
even know if my cousins had gone to the shop
the way they did yesterday. What of if they
didnt drop keep for me? This & more qeustions
were running round my mind.

When she went to bathe i sat there in their
palour & was just thinking if what is happening
betwen me and girls is just nomal or abnormal.

Sometimes i am happy the way i have access to
many pusssys but most times i live in pain. Cosi
dont know if am really normal or if there is a
demon that possessed me. I many guys who
say they find it very hard to walk up to girls and
toast them(toasted bread). I know one guy in
our class that told me how he lost a secondary
school friend to another guy in their street cos
the girl was waiting for him to ask her out
officially which he didnt and someone else did
and took the girl he said he loved so much. He
told me that when he went home after our first
year second semester exams that the first that
greeted him welcome was him seeing the girl
with the guy walking hand in hand. And when
he as able to build up enough courage to
aproach the girl. She told him that she has
accepted the other guy and to make the matter
worst. She has bleeped the guy. And that that
day he saw them, that she was just coming
from the guys house & the guy really bleeped
her well. The girl told him that she was waiting
for him as he didnt say or ask her anything.

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Knowingthat he is now in university, she just
had to move on with her life. I pitied my friend
cos he was almost cryn while he was tellingus
his predicaments. But here i am bleeping every
available pusssy. Something must be wrong
with me. So i was lost in thought when Tosin
came to join me in the palour.
This girl must be something else. Her dress
sense is something to look at. I mean even
though i was lost in thought but when she
stepd out to join me i looked t what she was
wearing, oh my gawd! Everything fitted as if
she was born with them. She wore a dark red
coloured topwith a black short & red sandals.

She has a black & red ribbon on her hair.

I came back from where my thought has taken
me to and started admiring her. She smiled
when she saw that my face has relaxed and
asked me what she looks like. I was lost in
her … I dont know if i should call it beauty or
what. However just know that i was lost sha.

As she was coming towards me i told her to stop.

She stoped & posd like a model with her
portable body. Her top is kind of cut so that it
shows her cleavge. I looked at her earings they
were not too long but also have dot of red at
the centre of the gold colour. I told her to turn
round slowly. She smiled with her lips & eyes.

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She turned round. I told her do it again slowly.

As she was doing it i stood up. I told her turn
round slowly one last time. She asked me, this
one na punishment aby na exercise? I said all of
the above but please let see u turn round
again. As she was turning round with her two
hands lifted up. I gently gathered her into my
arms. I kissed her. She told me that i will smear
the paint on her lips. I didnt mind her. I planted
another kiss on her lips. She said please stop.

I shot my ears and kissed her again. As i kissed
her the forth time. She started responding and i
move my hand to her booobs no time to waste.

She m0aned and i continued shebecame
weaker& weaker. I opened the zip of her short
threw it down a little and my finger located her
cli.toris at that point she lost it. She grabed my
J0yst!ck squizd it. Squizdit again harder and said
baby fuuuuuuckkkkkk me. I pulled offher cloth
and drew down my trouser and entered her
from the back. She was shivering & m0an!ng i
was pumping until she began to shout &
scream. I was like a maddog. Before u knews it.

We hit the roof top & relaxed

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