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My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 28]

My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street

My-2-Weeks At Ibadan Street

With Chika now in my life some of my S#xual activities have been
stoped. My movement within the campus is like if i am being
monitord by a ghost. Cos anytime i tried to do some rubish i will
have this funny feeling that chika or something is watching me.

As u already know it is not a secret that something has started
going on betwen me & chika to my dad, mum & sisters. But the
only thing they dont know is that chika and i have started
bleeping. As a matter of fact my parents as at then was still
thinking that their inteligent son is still a virgin. As for my sisters
they knew that i date girls but they dont know how serious.

Everybody was happy that i have a very beautiful and promising
girl as a girlfriend. My dad will call two of us and advise us. My
mum will do the same. They are already a daughter inlaw in
chika. Chika never lacked cos she had my sisters as her elder
sister and my parents as her parents. When her parents came for
her maticulation they stayed in our guest room.

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The dad didnt
want to come cos he traveld to states but my dad made him to
shortn his stay. The parents spend extra 2days after the
ceremony. Trust my dad & mum. They spoilt the couple with fun.
But debby was not too happy about chika & i. Not cos she was
jealous but she thought (as she told me) that am too spoilt for
her sister and she cant stand seeing me without wanting us to
fvck. She said she cant fvck her own younger sister‘s guy. She
said her anger most is that she have known me before her sister
and started fvcking me before her. Why didnt she fall inlove with
any other guy but me. Debby blamed my elder sister for
everything. But debby and i bleeped for the last time when she
came for her clearance prior to her service…

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When debby came back to sort things out before heading for her
nysc she came to our house cos as it stands both families are
now tied together. When she came to our house she wasnt
comfortable therefore she likes spending time with some of her
old friends inside school. She only comes home to pass the
night. She & my sister are good friends though, they talk but not
as it should av been if i wasnt involved with her.

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I have stoped
calling her aunty longest time ago & she never for once called
me pinky except that last day we told each other bye bye. That
day she came back with chika to the house.

Debby didnt go to
service with her mates i dont know why and never cared to know
why. So when she came back with chika that day. Chika & i
huged as usual there is nothing to hide there every member of
both family knows whats up. She and chika spend lots of time in
the guest room. Cos chika had afternoon lecture that day around
12 debby walked her off. My sisters were in school, my parents
were in their offices & i was alone at home before debby came
back. Chika for once never suspected debby & i, neither do my
sister & parents. After seeing chika off. Debby came back while i
was sitted watching tv. Since chika came into my life by way of
me bleeping her i ve never bleeped any other girl. So when i saw
debby come into the palour that afternoon. All my head was
telling me was to get down with her. She went into the guest
room without saying a word to me. I lost interest in the program i
was watching. I stood up went to the guest room.

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Knocked at the door. Debby said come in. When i went my good
gawd! She was there lyn down Unclad just the way eve was
before she ate the forbidn fruit. When i saw it… I lost my senses
once again…

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